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Summary for Policymakers”, 8 October 2018: . A dominant Australian myth – and indeed a compulsory article of faith in Australian public life  – is that the Americans saved Australia from Japanese invasion, but expert advice has it that the Japanese military were overstretched and had no such intention  [4]. James Hansen, “Letter to PM Kevin Rudd by Dr James Hansen”, 2008: . With the footy season over I'm wondering what diversions the Morrison government will promote to distract Jill and Joe Average from questioning its performance. NSW Premier wants to change Advance Australia Fair lyrics. Most Australians know the two verses of the current version of the song, Advance Australia Fair, or at the very least know that they have the word 'girt' in them. My thanks to the nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and others involved, and to my ophthalmologist for his assistance, when the emergency which had nothing whatsoever to do with my eyes, suddenly occurred. It's like telling dogs that they should be cats. Gideon Polya, “Body Count. No wonder Coalition politicians have a lot of time for Donald Trump. Michael Slezak,  ““Global deforestation hotspot”: 3m hectares of Australian forest to be list in 15 years”, Guardian, 5 March 2018: . However old habits die hard, and those holding  senior executive positions in Australia today are  95% White and only 5% non-White [90, 91]. [113]. [46]. Climate Council, “Too risky: stop Adani’s mine”: . [79]. With courage let us all combine / To Advance Australia Fair In joyful strains then let us sing/ Advance Australia Fair. So, as 2020 concludes and the New Year approaches, I imagine even Santa will struggle complying with pandemic travel restrictions. $250 million pork-barrelled into Coalition seats and the evidence put through the shredder. Gideon Polya, “Climate criminal Australia ignores its hugely increasing  Carbon Debt & massive subsidies for GHG pollution”, Countercurrents, 8 June 2019: . Certainly not “renowned of all the lands” is White Australia’s role in the Indian Holocaust that involved 1,800 million avoidable Indians deaths from imposed deprivation in the 2-century British Raj (1757-1947). [42]. Behrouz Boochani, “No Friend But The Mountains. [48]. [120]. Gideon Polya, “ABC & Mainstream media lying by omission enabled Trumpist & climate criminal Coalition victory”, Countercurrents, 28 May 2019: . Advance Australia Fair was written by Scottish-born composer, Peter Dodds McCormick in 1878, and included 4 verses. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (G.M. [102]. [66]. Tracy Bowden and Amy Donaldson, “Nearly 50 per cent of Australians now have a chronic disease – many of them preventable”. I already have a very efficient evaporative cooler and do not require additional cooling. [95]. John Stapleton, “Australia’s dirty secret”, UNSW Canberra, 4 December 2015: . “Australian government debt”, Wikipedia: . Advance Australia Fair. The genocidally racist British and thence the White Australians seized a whole continent “of beauty rich and rare” in a “land [that] abounds in nature’s gifts”,  but in a bit over 230 years have devastated the flora and fauna in one of the greatest human-made, national  mass extinction events. Counterfeiting Evidence”, Algora, New York 2013, 328 pp: . [38]. Indeed 3 million out of 25 million Australians live in poverty and are hardly “rejoicing” i.e. “Crux”, Wikipedia:, [108]. Losing is too hard for them to accept. Canberra trusted and voted six Greens into the ACT Government. How Churchill lured Roosevelt into World War II”, Summit, New York, 1991. Trump has unwittingly admitted that. I'm sure the outcome of the US election is fascinating - for a limited few - but there are many, many viewers for which it is an absolute turnoff. Colin White, “A History of the Global Economy. An Appeal From Satya Sagar, Indian farmers challenge return of ‘Company Raj’, Body, Nation and Resistance in the times of COVID-19. References to The Canberra Times reports should include date and page number. In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair. Certainly not the impoverished, disabled, sick, elderly and Indigenous Australians about their parlous circumstances. Brian Ellis, “Social Humanism. [49]. WBGU, “Solving the climate dilemma: the budget approach”: :  . According to Racism and Law in Australian Rules Football, St. Kilda soccer player Nicky Winmar was racially taunted by spectators after a match against the Collingwood soccer team. Roger Pulvers, “Celebrations and commemorations of war”, ABC Radio National, Ockham’s Razor, 29 June 2014: . “The reasons why I don't sing it or stand is because Advance Australia Fair means advance White Australia,” Miss Nielsen told the Australian Daily Telegraph. Gideon Polya, “Resolutely promised prosecutions of climate criminals may force urgent climate action”, Global Research, 8 February 2019: . [67]. White Australians just can’t help themselves – thus the 1901-1974, so-called  White Australian Policy has been replaced by a “New White Australian Policy”  that makes it much more difficult for non-Whites to get visas to enter White Australia [85]. By The Herald's View. Perhaps Bruce is unaware of the song's first two words and their powerfully non-discriminatory declaration "Australians all". “Stop air pollution deaths”: . New Zealand will legalise euthanasia soon. If you have a mower, how about adopting a patch near your home? There is a lot of grass on public spaces. Advance Australia Fair. Losing is hard". Robert Goodland and Jeff Anfang. [55]. [7]. To Advance Australia Fair. M Silex (Letters, November 2) can be assured that no Canberrans think ACT climate action alone will have any impact on global warming. Lets hope that they are genuine grass-root Greens (as they told us on their corflutes) in the ilk of Brown, Milne and Lecouteur and not pseudo-Labor stooges. Once again we had the ignominy of all four of the ABC's TV channels in Canberra (2, 20, 21 and 24) devoted almost entirely to coverage of a single subject, this time the US election, on Wednesday night between 6 and 8 pm. Chris Clarkson, Zenobia Jacobs, Colin Pardow, “Human occupation of northern Australia by 65,000 years ago”, Nature, 547, pages 306–310, 20 July 2017: . [65]. A revised version of a late nineteenth century patriotic song, it was officially declared the national anthem on 19 April, 1984. Some think it means that we must “advance our country to conquer others”; and that we must be the best. [121]. Gideon Polya, “Biofuel famine, biofuel genocide, meat & global food price crisis”, Global Avoidable Mortality, 9 May 20008: . [27]. Letters may be edited. November 11, 2020 — 5.17pm . Well, too many of the current lot fall well short here and in the US. [41]. Harper Nielsen stirs a social media storm claiming "Advance Australia Fair" ignores indigenous people. A decent democracy requires an informed electorate but US-, UK- , Zionist- and  Intelligence-subverted Australian  Mainstream media presstitutes  have an appalling record of censorship and lying by omission, as have the media, politician, commentariat and academic presstitutes of other Western countries. Your ad blocker may be preventing you from [39]. Americans! Yet a bit over 50% of Australians voted recently to return an environment- and Australian-killing, neoliberal  Coalition Government, a collective action that can only be explained in terms of ignorance, stupidity and greed. Australia is among world leaders for land clearing, deforestation and ecocide [53, 54], speciescide or species extinction [55] and  coral reef destruction  [56-62]. Beneath our radiant Southern Cross/ We’ll toil with hearts and hands/ To make this Commonwealth of ours/ Renowned of all the lands. [16]. 30 of these Australian invasions have involved genocide. Alison Penfold, “Australia leads the world in livestock export”, Issues, June 2013: . [6]. I was the public servant who facilitated that process. [60]. [75]. The most galling part is, of course, generations of women have moved on from Greer to more inclusive thinkers. Polya, Melbourne, 2008 edition that is now available for free perusal on the web:  . Australia has a problem. Again, the bulk of the press in the US and here got it wrong in the lead-up to the US election and during the count. Australia nevertheless retained the British Monarch as Head of State, helped a nuclear terrorist Britain test nuclear weapons and delivery systems,   and has been involved since WW2  in the Anglosphere “5-eyes” intelligence-sharing club that includes the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (but which also unofficially and secretly includes nuclear terrorist “democracy-by-genocide” Apartheid Israel with which the US shares intelligence on all the citizens of the “5-eyes” countries, including  those of my country, Australia) [15]. To Advance Australia Fair. [98]. I already have a very efficient evaporative cooler and do not require additional cooling. My thanks to the nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and others involved, and to my ophthalmologist for his assistance, when the emergency which had nothing whatsoever to do with my eyes, suddenly occurred. Share:WhatsAppFacebookTwitterTelegramRedditEmail For nearly two decades now Countercurrents has provided millions of readers around the world with deep insights and analysis of news, events, trends that are usually ignored by mainstream media. 10 years in prison for revealing criminal acts by Australian  security services) [93, 94]. [12]. A consequence of Australian urbanization is that about 10,000 Australians  die annually  from air pollution. The ocean is a great moat separating White Australia from the rest of the world but especially from “non-White” countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America  and the Pacific. i.e: For those who’ve come across the seas. comment, David Headon and Bruce Gall seem to think the Australian national anthem is some sort of racist … [74]. " Advance Australia Fair is an anthem that is racist at so many levels, written for a white Australia that is irrelevant, or should be. In joyful strains then let us sing, "Advance Australia fair!" No it's not racist, why would you even think it's racist? Gideon Polya (2011), “Australia And Britain Killed 6-7 Million Indians In WW2 Bengal Famine”,  Countercurrents, 29 September, 2011:  . Advance Australia Fair - Lyrics. “Climate Justice & Intergenerational Equity”: . Louisa Rebgetz and Laura Gartry, “Great Barrier Reef to get $500m to tackle pollution and breed resilient coal”, ABC News, 29 April 2018:$500m-package-to-preserve-area/9708230 . Forcing Japan into WW2 was a great victory for British diplomacy  (having the US on their side meant that the Allies would certainly win WW2) [1, 2] and for the amoral, war profiteering, US capitalist Establishment (the US GDP grew by an astonishing 8-19% per annum  during WW2) [3]. The abolition of the so-called White Australia Policy by the progressive Whitlam Labor Government in 1974 has meant that Australia is now 76% White and 24% non-White. Not only is our anthem unique in the world, adopted as it was in a national plebiscite in 1977 to replace God save the Queen, its 100-year-old lyrics were rewritten in 1982 to make them politically correct, totally inclusive and widely reflective of the modern nation Australia was then and still is today. There  must be zero tolerance for racism, war criminality, genocide and climate criminality. 'Advance Australia Fair' was politically corrected (not a phrase in use at the time) when re-instated as national anthem in 1984, with a view to giving the girls a fair go. Provide phone number and full home address (suburb only published). Philip Dorling, “Australian intelligence “feeding data” for deadly US drone strikes”, Sydney Morning Herald, 26 May 2014: . Further, he is so full of self-loathing that he has to criticise with particularities a general statement glorifying our, and his, good fortune in living here. Thus the agricultural wealth has come at the  price of dispossession of the Indigenous inhabitants in an ongoing Aboriginal  Genocide and Aboriginal Ethnocide  in which 2 million Indigenous Australians died from violence or imposed deprivation and disease, with violent deaths totalling about 0.1 million. [47]. 'Advance Australia Fair' was sung in both a First Nations language and English. Beneath our radiant Southern Cross We’ll toil with hearts and hands; To make this Commonwealth of ours Renowned of all the lands; For those who’ve come across the seas We’ve boundless plains to share; With courage let us all combine To Advance Australia Fair. However the implicit assertion of “common good” wears thin when one considers the 3 million Australians who live in poverty, the 0.9  million Australian children living in poverty, the 0.9 million Indigenous Australian suffering gross inequity and a 10 year life expectancy gap, the 50% of Australians  now having a  chronic disease [108], the 2/3 of Australian children  subject to gross Educational Apartheid, the 1/3   of Australian children attending religious schools and subject  to gross intellectual child abuse (through imposition of anti-science clap-trap) ,  and the 3/3 of Australian children subject to intolerable  intergenerational injustice  through the destruction of the environment, biodiversity and their future by ignorant, stupid, greedy and climate criminal adult Australians [32-34, 101]. Provide phone number and full home address (suburb only published). A growing chorus of voices in Australia is clamouring to alter a lyric from their country’s national anthem, which critics argue is offensive to the country’s Indigenous peoples. Lets hope that they are genuine grass-root Greens (as they told us on their corflutes) in the ilk of Brown, Milne and Lecouteur and not pseudo-Labor stooges. Advance Australia Fair was adopted as the national anthem (the 1st and a new 3rd verses, with modified lyrics) for the second time on 19 April 1984 by Bob Hawke's Labor government (after it was chosen by the Whitlam government in 1974, and later rejected by the Fraser government). [115]. More simply: the Yorta Yorta man called Advance Australia Fair a “bad song, ” and explained exactly why. A new day dawns, we’re moving on to trust and understand. However while White Australia was a faithful and jingoistic lackey of the UK in the period from British Invasion (1788) to WW2, it shifted allegiance markedly and became a craven lackey of the US  after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (7 December 1941) and the fall of Singapore (January 1942). King O’Malley in a  Federal Parliamentary speech in 1901: “We are here upon a continent set apart by the Creator for a Southern empire – for a Southern nation – and it is our duty to preserve this island continent for all eternity to the white race, irrespective of where they may come from” (page 179  [1],  and Labor Immigration Minister  Arthur Calwell in 1947: “Two Wongs do not make a White” (page 183 [1]). JOIN THE VOICE OF MAINSTREAM AUSTRALIA FIGHTING FOR A FAIR GO. Join us, Ian. It certainly won't be cricket which has been likened to watching paint dry. Advance Australia Fair, national anthem of Australia, adopted on April 19, 1984. David Headon believes the Wallabies are, strangely, cowards for not humbly prostrating themselves before the All Blacks for some mystically obscure racist reason also linked to the playing of Advance Australia Fair. We constantly hear that an impartial, professional press is a cornerstone of democracy. The bottom line: never get between an Aussie and a bucket of money [105, 111]. Losing is too hard for them to accept. The Sydney to Hobart has now lost the two main contenders and we can no longer call on Billy Thorpe to brighten up our days with, "It's almost summer". A further 21% of Australian endemic land mammal species are now assessed to be threatened, indicating that the rate of loss (of one to two extinctions per decade) is likely to continue” [92]. [97]. Kimberley Amadeo, “U.S. “List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita”, Wikipedia: . The IPCC ‘s latest  report details the numerous bad outcomes of a global +1.5 degree Centigrade (+1.5C) of warming versus the catastrophic outcomes from a +2C e.g. High Court’s racist ruling unravelling - Advance Australia High Court’s racist ruling unravelling March 06, 2020 It’s a crying shame that former Attorney General George Brandis appointed activist judges to … Australia was involved by withholding grain from its huge wartime grain stores from its starving  ally Indian (so much for Australia’s much-vaunted “mateship”) [1, 5, 6, 118-119]. Join us, Ian. Bridge the digital divide: Enable kids to have access to education in the new normal, Sikh priest’s suicide exposes double speak of the ruling BJP and its apologists, Targeting of Sikhs in 1980s Led to Majoritarian Rule in India, The Great Divider: Covid-19 Reflects Global Racism, Not Equality, Health and Wealth in India – Farmers’ Lives Matter, Kakori Martyrs Are Symbols of Courage, Unity and Harmony, 50th anniversary of Raj Kapoor classic ‘Mera Naam Joker’, Two Tales of Farmers’ Agitation: Gandhi’s Against the British & Farmers’ Against Modi, Protesting Farmers And Workers Cannot Be Dismissed, Cuban Health Care:  The Ongoing Revolution by Don Fitz. [118]. Letters may be edited. A New Metaphysics” By Brian Ellis –  Last Chance To Save Planet?”, Countercurrents,  19 August, 2012: . Beneath our radiant Southern Cross/ We’ll toil with hearts and hands To make this Commonwealth of ours/ Renowned of all the lands For those who’ve come across the seas/ We’ve boundless plains to share With courage let us all combine / To Advance Australia Fair In joyful strains then let us sing/ Advance Australia Fair. . GDP per year compared to recessions and events”, The Balance, 25 June 2019: . The government could help by endorsing the idea and encouraging the dumping of cuttings in green or normal waste bins. “Girt” is the past tense of “gird” (“strengthen” or “fortify”) , as in “gird your loins” meaning “arm yourself” or “prepare for danger or difficulties”. And of  course at the heart of “girt by sea” is the guilty knowledge that the genocidal British exterminators of the Indigenous Australians came by sea. humanity?) With the replacement of the kerbside car parking lane on the lake side of Emu Bank Belconnen from the Belconnen Art Centre almost to the Skate Park by a super wide bike path will the ACT government reduce the rates and land tax to recompense those eateries and businesses whose clientele no longer have parking spaces.

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