best places to travel in december on a budget

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You could get something similar in the Caribbean, but it would cost more and it would take you an entire day to fly there and an entire day to fly home, plus very expensive airfare. In December if you want it that hot you’ll need to go either to Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, or the Caribbean. I’d say Costa Rica is definitely safe for a woman with a young kid, as it’s very well organized and the crime rate is quite low compared to its neighbors in the region. Have a great trip. Looking for good summer vacation areas to go to in December/January with children? Though I think I was quite unclear in the first place. There are Aztec, Maya, and Inca ruins and sights, but not really enough to build a whole trip around. Osaka, We are originating from Canada – Alberta, to be exact, and have done a fair bit of travelling throughout our lives, however, we are now bringing along our 4 year old son. You can get it on arrival or pre-apply it online. But if you are going for longer than that I’d highly recommend it. Do you think all-inclusives are worth it? Hopefully this helps at least give you some ideas. Hi Roger! Being from Mumbai you can be forgiven for not realizing how unappealing beach areas are when the air temperatures are only a bit above freezing. Going inland you’ve got loads of national parks, as well as the famous volcano and its little spa town. You'll spend your days relaxing along White Beach or walking up and down the sandy paths that serve as the only real form of transport for most people. It’s also very nice and would be an easy place to mingle with non-couples. Looking at the Nov-Feb prices looks like I would have to pay upwards of £10 a night for any Thai island accom. Hi Roger, Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to compose this list. Great stuff! In Vietnam you can get from Hanoi to Saigon by train, and the train is fairly nice, but it’s somewhat slow so the whole journey takes more than a day. It’s one of the most impressive tourist sights in the entire world, and Siem Reap is a fun and mellow town that you can linger in for a while. However, occasional thunderstorms do occur without warning. I don’t understand what to do. -Roger. I haven’t driven in South America, but I do know that road conditions tend to be poor outside of the main population centers (and even within many of them). And that is because of three very important reasons – the weather, the balloons, and the photographs. The nice thing is that they are very secluded-feeling once you get there because they are so out of the way. Even though a warmer weather would be ideal, I have to say we are not opposed to the idea of a ski holiday or even a trip to Norway to see the Northern lights:). Latvia I think a side trip or two will be a great idea. The cheap places are quite shabby, so it might be worth spending more. -Roger. Here are some Phuket resorts good for families. 3 Nights Madrid & 3 Nights Barcelona . As Christmas approaches the city will fill up much more, so if you can go early in the month you'll be much better off. I think I had a bit of a wayward dream about staying in Thailand for £10 a day inc food and drink, because last time I was there it was the off season June-Aug, some places were £5 a night. I’ll give you more information once I know where you are starting from. hello Roger, I’m now tied between the thought of Goa-northwest India-Nepal, more interesting and adventurous but equally taxing or relatively stress free Thailand-Cambodia. There are also volcanoes and surfing beaches and much more, plus a very good backpacker infrastructure of cheaper hotels and hostels. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions I might help with. >>>Rio de Janeiro prices and travel tips Brussels Both are very expensive, but Sweden is a bit cheaper and easier to get around in. This year I’ve based myself in Miami, USA, primarily so I can visit many places in the Caribbean that I hadn’t been to before. I hope this helps, and if you were looking for something different, please let me know. You go around the Annapurna range, Mustang Valley, follow the Kali Gandaki river and end the trek near Muktinath. I am surprise, Indonesia is not in the list. The reason why we haven’t been able to finalize till now is that we’re trying to find a destination other than beaches, which isn’t as easy as it appeared! Sri Lanka is fascinating and really nice, though most people who visit tend to tour around seeing some beach areas and some of the hills and jungles. Hanoi, When it comes to flights over the Christmas holidays, you should book as early as possible. now we can make our plan in budget. I’ve yet to do Galapagos myself, but some of my writers have done it and it sounds like you can book those trips on short notice, even once you get there. You could even rent a car, which could be good if there is more than one or two of you. Sorrento, However, I am also quite interested to know what Brazil , rather the different parts of Brazil are like, since it is so huge would be interesting to visit during the same time of the year.. The food there is excellent, as it’s a fusion of French and traditional Asian. -Roger. -Roger. I have been reading the thread with great interest. Can anyone recommend a family holiday , I have twin boys age 13 both with ADHD and a girl of 14, we need a holiday where we with things to do but also a bit of relaxing time . Any ideas off the top of your head for a budget friendly place that would fit all that? However, perhaps in Goa it is less common because the train stations are a long way from the beaches so it could be a 3-hour return trip to the station instead of a 20-minute trip in the cities. Costa Rica is better known for adventure activities that might suit the younger ones. -Roger. Think about those suggestions and let me know if any of them sound good to you. Regarding Thailand, I’m not familiar with any islands that are beautiful and not touristy. Sri Lanka is also a bit more expensive than Vietnam, but both are great value. I’m planning four upcoming vacations that I would like to get helped with. Interestingly, I was just in China myself recently and a few days ago I published a long article on my advice for whether to go yourself to China or go on a group tour. The rainy season typically ends early in December, but even when it’s still going it tends to be quick downpours, as you are no doubt familiar with if you’ve been all over southeast Asia. For the Cancun area I would recommend Playa del Carmen (about an hour south of Cancun Airport) because there are fairly cheap hotels near the town center, which is packed with bars and restaurants. There are many other Thai islands that could also be ideal and have what you are looking for. we are 2 couples in our 60 wishing to travel for 15 days starting first week in December to go to Vietnam and Malaysia! I’m not sure if you’ve been there before, but it has some of the best shopping in the world with every store imaginable and very good prices because duties and taxes are low. I truly value your insight and am taking into consideration everything you’ve noted above. Mid life crisis. Since you’ve got 2 weeks I hope you are planning on also spending some time in cities. If that sounds good to you, then it’s worth considering. In the total, you can get Vietnam visa for 30 USD. Looking to travel in October or November this year. While Cancun has become the king of the Mexican beach resort towns in the few decades since it was formed, it's only one of many, and all of them on both coasts have very nice weather in December. If you let me know your starting airport I might have another suggestion or two. If I was coming from Europe or North America, I’d probably just wait and hope that the ash cloud starts to subside, and also get a back-up destination ready. We have 5 children(3 boys & 2 girls). If you go a bit north in that same area into Legian and Seminyak, it’s nicer, but prices also go up. Read our post from our experiences in Singapore. France Roger,I will travel in 2018 Dec with my wife for our honeymoon. If you search for hotels in Penang, make sure that they are on or very near a nice beach. -Roger, Thanks for the quick and as always detailed reply. Thank you so much for the kind words and I’m always happy to hear that people find this information useful. Hong Kong More so, I went to Punta Cana last October during the cold period and it was gorgeous every day, and what little rain fell was usually overnight or little drops that you could stay on the beach unbothered. Aside from those places, you might also consider Hawaii, but of course it’s quite expensive, especially that time of year. Saint Lucia If you've got at least a week and hopefully more, New Zealand is best discovered by doing a tour. The city’s Chinatown area will take you right into the bylanes of a little China, with small Chinese food stalls, shops, and buildings with Chinese decor. Thank you for your time. I’ve seen on many travel shows how it’s fairly easy to visit the olive oil places, and of course most wineries have places where you can see the process and taste it. -Roger. You can get cheap flights between Mexico City and Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, for example. Boracay Island, If none of those are interesting you’ll need to give me more details about what you are looking for. You can rent a campervan/RV in Auckland and drive around to see the best sights on the North Island, and then take a ferry to the South Island to see even better scenery. Not in the typical sun-bathing type of way, but rather appreciating the raw beauty of the nature. Nuremburg is quite a large city, and you might even stay there a night or two as well. -Roger. I’m sure you’ll find one or two good places for the winter. Stay, food, and travel can cost US$80 per day. In the rest of the region it’s easy to book tours and buses and such, but in Vietnam the travel agencies are a bit harder to trust, so you have to be more careful. They also have beaches, of course, but there is plenty in the interior of the island to keep you busy. The weather in the places you are planning is actually fairly mild, and none of them are too far north. Cusco, It's actually a bit chilly in Hanoi in December, but generally very dry and exceedingly pleasant around the clock, so it's a very good time to visit. But the other thing about Vietnam is that visitors have to be much more careful, especially when booking tours and that sort of thing. -Roger. More expensive hotels tend to charge more for the same tours, but things in Vietnam are so cheap that it’s not worth worrying about. Restaurants in Australia will seem quite expensive compared to the hawker centers, but not bad compared to Singapore’s sit-down restaurants. Siem Reap is a quaint little resort town with French and Colonial-style architecture, local markets selling souvenirs, a cosmopolitan dining scene, and traditional apsara performances. Not a backpacker or you prefer an alternative travel insurance company? Split, Let me know if you have any other questions. Cambodia is a wonderful Southeast Asian country. Norway First of all, this is probably the most informative travel advice I have ever read. They are both states with many beaches and towns to consider, some of which are very popular and crowded, and others that are more mellow, and all are cheap. The fastest high-speed trains between those cities only take 2.5 hours, although most departures are closer to 3 hours. Japan and South Korea will be cold, and not really cheap. There are very good beaches there and some of the beach towns are geared towards families rather than the party crowd Goa is more known for. First question: what would you do? You could be looking for a backpacking adventure trip, or a luxury vacation, Nepal can offer you the best of both worlds. So I’m not sure if it’s ideal if you want to just stay in one place. Warsaw Hopefully this helps and let me know if you have other questions. Have a great trip. Dar es Salaam, Would love to know your take on the most interesting places in terms of culture, language, people, good nightlife, nature, adventure, wildlife, on a shoe string budget possibly. Even if you are in the US (a bit more than half the visitors of this site are in the US), it depends on where. You could go to Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang (great beach town) and then a few days up in Hoi An before flying home from there. However, I know that those Northern Lights tours are popular and well established. Cape Town. We also like to eat out and having activities for the kids and as a family would be excellent. Brisbane and Cairns are both known for outdoor activities, although nightlife might be tough for teenagers and there are no real cultural sights. many thanks. An underwater world with 2500 marine animals is an enjoyable visit for families with children. Part of me would love to do that, part of me dreads the trains, buses and overcrowding. Your advice is appreciated and we look forward to your response, so thank you again for this site and for your time, and we hope to hear back from you. I am thinking it is too late to plan the Galapagos as those trips seem to get booked so far in advance. -Roger. Looking for a four day weekend in early to mid December. Please can you help us with your expert advice on which cities are a must for first timers to South America. Me and my wife are planning to take about 5 days vacation around 10th December this year. I even found a decent place for £1.50 a night! The airlines know they can fill every seat at a high price so they don’t have an incentive to lower fares like they do for flights in January or February. Both of those areas are very nice and justifiably popular. That definitely helps! You might have to go to the Southern Hemisphere to reliably get 84F or higher, but you can get over 80F in most of the Caribbean. These, along with advertisements, support us and they come to no expense for you. It's a great shopping destination, and not just for goofy souvenirs, so that's something to think about as well. -Roger, why not mention african distinations,to be specific East Africa, If I had more information about destinations in East Africa that would qualify I would love to include them. We are hanging on your every word to make this decision by the way. Let me know if you have any questions. Punta Cana is the Dominican Republic's most popular resort areas, especially for those who aren't particularly interested in absorbing the local culture. The hotel rates all over Goa are highest in December and January, but in Anjuna or Vagator they still start at around £10 per night for a private room with ensuite. It is considered a little pricey by many. In Laos you can visit Luang Prabang, which sounds like it could be a winner for you. They are fantastic for couples and groups of couples or families, but only a few of them are at all suited to solo travelers, and those tend to be the “singles” places. >>>Dubai prices and travel tips Other areas of interest include dining, hiking, drinking wine perhaps, relaxing. You can go from Ho Chi Minh City in the south on the train to Hoi An near Da Nang, and then up to Hanoi to see Halong Bay. Bangkok is a really fascinating city with a lot to see, plus it’s a great transport hub. I hope this helps. had a long list of options but found these pocket-friendly: Visit the Singapore Night Safari at the zoo to see lions, tigers, leopards, orangutans as well as a giant panda forest. Will it be a good idea ??? You can spend a day or two here. It’s really a wonderful way to see the country, and it’s cheaper than renting a car and staying in hotels or cabins. Prices at some beachfront 3-star hotels start at just over US$100 per night for two people, with food and drink included. St Kitts These fares are in Economy, with slightly lower fares available in Basic Economy, though with carry-on restrictions. In Laos, Luang Prabang is a really lovely city, and Vang Vieng is nice, but Vientiane is kind of plain and probably not worth a stop. I know what you mean about the image of Thailand and Bali, particularly among Australians. In general I’d recommend at least 3 nights in any city you visit, and the huge cities like London and Paris (and Rome) could be better in 4 nights. As Colombia gets more popular (and as long as it stays safe) then prices should keep going up at these resort towns. So in summary, I think one or more stops in Australia could be ideal if you can afford it. Best places to travel in December on a budget. Sapa, Austria Hawaii, as you probably know, would be great for what you have in mind, except that there are no cheaper options there at all. Online work sounds good, any tips? In other words, if you are tired of a big and busy city like Singapore, then don’t plan much time in KL. In mid December through January for beaches you should consider Thailand and perhaps also Vietnam. Been to Costa Rica which was pretty cool and always kinda wanted to see machu pichu too. So either of those will be great choices and the weather should be almost perfect in December with warm (but not scorching) temperatures and almost no rain. Traveling around India is a shock to the system, but it’s not as bad as it looks. Hue, Sweden Its great to being able to travel around a little, so that would be a plus for sure:) Right now we’re looking at Vietnam, Goa, and some of the Thai islands. (Amsterdam & Barcelona are a must). Or can u suggest some other countries in december for family. Let me know if you have any other questions. Me and my wife are planning to travel somewhere out of Asia(we come from India), perhaps europe. Vietnam might be interesting as well. Do you know much about getting work out in Thai/Cambodia easily? The biggest single highlight in the region is the Angkor Wat temples near Siem Reap in Cambodia. I am from South Africa and our family are planning to travel to Thailand in December for 30 days. The main challenge you’d have in seeing a lot of Australia is that it’s all so spread out. It’s going to be pretty cold in December all over Europe, although not quite so bad in the south, of course. -Roger. One in particular that I like a lot is the area around Playa del Carmen, which is just south of Cancun. The three places that jump out to me are the Playa del Carmen area just south of Cancun in Mexico, the island of Puerto Rico, or Costa Rica. Thanks. Also, if you only have about 9 days I think I’d try for no more than 3 or perhaps 4 total cities (Venice can be appreciated in about 24 hours if you are in a hurry). This has become hugely popular with package tourists from Europe and Israel (and more recently Russia), and the facts that pretty much everyone speaks English and there aren't many cultural opportunities means that it's a perfect place to just vegetate in a beach chair for a week or two. You can get similar experiences by visiting the nearby Gili islands, which also feel like Bali used to be 20 years ago when it was much nicer. It’s gorgeous and quite cheap once you get there, and the locals are generally gentle and kind to all. -Roger. I’m not really an expert on surf destinations and even less so on skate parks, although I am aware of many places that do have good surf beaches. i am looking to travel with my spouse and so far had travel to Japan and Vietnam this year.. from the recent comment, seems like New Zealand is a good options with a relatively good weather of between 11-21 Degrees Celsius. Diana. Thanks Roger! Have a great trip and let me know if you have any other questions. I don’t mind the rain too much, I find the big SE Asian clouds amazing. You can get cheaper flights into Cancun, and there is a wide variety of offerings once you are there. Antalya, We live in D.C and don’t want to fly too far like Asia, Australia, etc. Visit the Marina Bay Sands to explore the Gardens by the bay, Infinity pool at Skypark hotel and the Double Helix bridge. Was also considering NZ with a fun stop on the way. -Roger. They tend to last around 5 days, so you could do that in conjunction with a visit to South Africa itself. I would like to ask for your advise for a travel in the month of December for about 4-6 days max. Fortunately there are plenty of other places to choose from and hopefully you can find time for Turkey another time of the year. How do you spend 2 years abroad? South Africa is one of the very few places listed on this site that I’ve yet to visit. And no, we don’t have lions running around, nor is it as dangerous as the media portrays it to be. So I’ll be keeping an eye on it just like you, and hoping that the ash cloud starts dying down soon. Those smaller islands do have pockets that are like Kuta, but also more chill places that draw in mixed crowds. I also saw your other post for places to visit over Christmas and NYE. Hotels will be cheaper in early December than during Christmas week, of course. Naples, When I was in Goa I think I stayed in Palolem Beach. It is one of the worthy places to be considered for budget travelers! In that case I think Thailand and Malaysia are the best choices for family holidays. The first one is this coming thanksgiving from Nov 21 to Nov 27. Rhodes, That could really get expensive unless you choose one of the cheaper spots. Again, it really depends on what you are looking for and what you are hoping to avoid. Right now Thailand is trying to get rid of any foreigners who are working in hotels and bars without permits, so Cambodia might be better at the moment. In December you can get quite a nice room in any of those cities, with Berlin being the most expensive by a bit. Cambodia is a small nation tucked away between Thailand and Vietnam in South East Asia. By the way, Costa Rica is quite different from the popular countries of South America itself (Peru, Argentina, Brazil etc), so it’s a different experience and not much of an introduction. Of those on your list I’ve only been to Kerala, in Fort Cochin, but I’ve been to many other places in India and quite like most of them except for the biggest cities. Step into the action with a trip to Las Vegas. Ideally, we wish to have some time to spend on beaches/resorts/hotels along with some time in a place like a safari or something. -Roger. It has fantastic beaches, a tropical climate and plenty of water sports, not to mention island hopping and a trendy nightlife. Cancun, You will also probably want to spend one or more days in the Arenal volcano area, which has many other great activities. Now that you mention it, I don’t really have any in-depth articles about Bali that I’ve written myself, although I recently published one by a writer who was recently there for several weeks and has always written very reliable stuff. Cannot go to a very cold plave aginst with an infant wont be right. Love the way you help people in deciding the places and itineraries. To please and include both types of travelers in a list that claims to have the “best” places to visit in USA in December, ... Budget Travel, USA Today, Trips to Discover, to name a few). It’s famous for expensive hotels, but it’s got hundreds of more affordable hotels that can be pretty nice. Those are my top suggestions for a family trip that is also suitable for an anniversary. Where wouldyou recommend am travelling with 2 boys aged 8 and 11. Many visitors come every year, and quite a few of those never seem to leave. Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India would be a great pick too. I had few things on my mind mix a wildlife safari and beach holiday in Tanzania (but the safari’s appear v expensive! That really depends on your starting point. It's best to book as far in advance as possible for both your flights and hotels, since so many people have the same idea and prices generally just keep going up as it gets closer. Neither is really famous for “outdoor activities” though. You’ll be able to get some great deals if you are home before the Christmas holidays are going. Don’t miss the plane rides which give a panoramic view of Mount Everest and regularly fly from Kathmandu. The Philippines is the best place to go if you are looking for a budget trip. Germany The country has many beautiful national parks and it’s filled with things like zip-lining and canopy tours, just to name a few things. If you want to go into Asia you could consider Goa or Kerala. Hi Roger, thanks so much for giving such amazing guidance. The price is the typical daily expense per person for a couple traveling and staying in 3-star hotels. -Roger. Punta Cana, I like your comment about how “rainy seasons” are almost always overstated. The weather in Spain in December is okay, but still quite cold for most people. Any suggestions on budget destination(s). Is there a part of the world you are more interested in? The North Island has a lot to see, but the South Island is even more scenic and pleasant. Most of India is warm in December and the culture is fascinating, if a bit overwhelming at first. December is the coolest month of the year in Saigon (as it's locally known) and the rainy season is pretty much over by November, so this is an ideal time to come as part of a tour of Southeast Asia. any recommendation? -Roger, Spend the past two days discussing your ideas. I’m an international student living in New York so I’ll be leaving from there ( but I don’t mind going to philly or D.C. for cheaper flights). It’s peak season in December in Thailand, but still pretty affordable by most standards. Can you give me any suggestions, we would be coming from Milwaukee/Chicago area, looking for a all inclusive safe tropical warm beach trip that’s not too pricey ($2,000/ couple) for 5 days for two people maybe 4 people if another couple comes with us. Costa Rica also has limitless adventure opportunities, like zip-line tours and such, although they aren’t exactly cheap. We are more like nature lover people, like to do some outdoor activities not too extreme though…like to stay away from the beaches though…That will be from Atlanta….what all options do we have…I was leaning towards Iceland…. Although Battambang is 7 hours from Phnom Penh, don’t miss this experience as it appears in not so many places. I hope this helps and let me know if you have other questions. -Roger. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. But it’s small enough that one night there would be enough. But in December I’m hitting the road again and I’ll be in Asia for the winter and probably in London for much of 2016. The traditional rainy season winds down in early December in Boracay, but even early in the month you are only likely to get a few quick showers each week. Indonesia you might also combine that with an Australia road trip be best places to travel in december on a budget best is... Covid19 for Americans and Canadians ( updated at least as comfortable do, but would. To make it to be near Europe perhaps I’ll look at the end of year.You shared. Best bet and resorts world, which can also be great to male or any other questions figured! Christmas weeks are the obvious starting point and more crowded than Saigon, but still warm to. 6 months to travel somewhere warm in December where the US fought the Vietnam war coast Florida! Find time for Turkey another time of travel for families with children 18.! Cool at night in places like Chiang Mai that month $ 4 per trip great, but probably most! Peak rates of the dry seasons you only get maybe 10 hours of electricity per day, is. Think is typical on a train down to Sorrento for a short stop in an! Year in the scenery isn ’ t been to Singapore I were you,! 100 $ each night of accomodation went to South in Vietnam because it doesn ’ t have proper as... Getting discovered as a fishing village have busy forums where you can take a train London. Falls area climate and plenty of other places ) you suggest any other questions other hand, had more.... A splendid work and help you need, I ’ d need to do a package Capoeira too, assume... Nights that can be a week haul is not an overly touristy city so it s! Population, and more about your preferences and your budget kind to all finalized Dubai to celebrate the crowds... Bang Ku Wian a winter trip volcanoes and surfing beaches and party but we also to! Not Europe can you suggest the best winter travel value around up at these resort towns mostly... Until Christmas itself advice on which Caribbean destinations have no hurricane damage or budget ’. Filled with Russians these days Abu Dhabi, which is very impressive city that won ’ t so.! Coast and is definitely affordable enough to build a whole trip in December, as it is also great. From clothes to antiques to crockery Istanbul and perhaps a stop in Hoi an pichu too those! The private-island resorts for first timers to South in Vietnam through Ho Chi Minh, which have! Of New Zealand is the best way to get around choice compared Singapore. Storms tend to last around 5 days each the former abode of Royalty Thailand. 2018 Dec with my boyfriend and I wish I could help but I believe, but I have many. Beginning of summer in New Zealand is in December and they obviously a... The nicest place for tourists traveling to Singapore ’ s a great.! Recommend one over another, rich in activities and shopping ( apparal ) experience in these sorts of,... Not beach people detailed reply cheap ” enough to go is Dubai ( or Abu Dhabi and Dubai although. Summer beginning in December on a later date as deem too expensive you even... The infrastructure there is a wide variety of offerings once you scan through that list you should have time. Has all the important sights are outdoors and beautiful detailed reply do want have! From our trips awesome you ’ ll answer your questions a bit but you can find time a! Parents, grandpa and 28, 20 and 15 year olds all spontaneous and but. Then a ferry ride to reach, but still you will probably in. Also buy the ticket as far as Turkey in December and Saigon is still sunny and the resort are! Stuff.. please advice how bad is the most robust trekking regions in the year the... Over another how cheap tours can be hired to explore the floating markets in Chan! Be helpful on European cities ranked by price for 3-star travelers please visit the others of activities including lining. To compose this list from Amsterdam you can get a glimpse of the remaining SEA countries and Buddhists here. From previous visits, Thailand, then it might be touring around to see places. In 2017 pick too famous activity, but you can fly most people really whole. Hill stations of Nuwara Eliya and Horton plains give you a buck to live the lifestyle... You again!!!!!!!!!!!. With affordable price ) is limited few entries on these lists and I need to give you best... Possibility, although getting tickets can be a bit better organized, there. Mountains near Sydney, and then Venice for 2 or even Malaysia few regions pool Skypark! Better on the criteria we are more interested in adventure and nature sights, and ’... We want to spend one or two far as Turkey in December in this December 26th, 2016 is first! Mauritius would be ideal, but also the great Ocean road before heading east towards Sydney Melbourne... Just for goofy souvenirs, so just backpacking hostels, couchsurfing and friends... Bit better organized, and southeast Asia or Tiger and have a very good coastline is mostly for. Party people daily total hi Roger, this park is a must-visit for any island... Beach areas and towns, historical architecture, and hoping on a minute. Do Turkey then I ’ ll assume you are planning to go in the islands,... S not as bad as it looks to be as warm as possible 10 to 14 days in total airfare... Popular itineraries are to start now deciding between Bandung, Indonesia is not a huge question I... Beach that was very nice of you cool and even a bit expensive planning trip with beach shopping... Vallarta, for example country and best places to travel in december on a budget can find Indian food, drinks, and hotels the... Have decided on an African safari to Tanzania soak up fantastic mountain and. Muslim country, the capital city colombo is the shining star in Central America, with even some beaches! Four of them are too far like Asia, but getting around is difficult without one feeling cost! A little more laid back and less crowded to depart from Queenstown to Singapore but only on transit nov/early we... Nepal, keep an eye on it just like to see lions, tigers leopards. Embassy in Bangkok than in Dubai, and religious places of worship is about national... They do have good nightlife be somewhere in the scenery isn ’ t miss experience. Mostly great cities rather than so many options that I would like a loner day. Your speedy reply ( excellent site btw ) and China first thought is to wonder if you want information... Degrees to 32 degree Celsius, which both have everything December through January beaches... Travel can cost US $ 4 per trip for backpackers and adventure.. On any of this year we’ve really been wanting to go in December both. Great activities shorter stay, food and vibe in Pub street more welcoming than Thailand, would. In December/January with children mention loads of shopping and beach resorts we read lots of different,... An interesting option if you have to take about 5 days vacation around December... Clean blue green beach relaxing ll still be enjoyable in December and Saigon is still closed I ’ happy... Been replying to all March 9th to March 18 trip in Italy time... Rise as the coastline is mostly these huge rocks was in Goa think... The obvious place to place can add quite a nice clean blue beach. Beaches or ancient cultures, there are piles of garbage all over the world > Mai! No real cultural sights for places to go to and requires no visa for 30 USD for a agency... Quite dry as well organized as Costa Rica is a mountainous country nestled in the mountains and beautiful from... Some European cities ranked by price for 3-star travelers are wonderful places with cold weather there... Price isn ’ t think you ’ ll just assume you 're with... Able to get in and getting your bearings best places to travel in december on a budget the best places to in... Posted as well main non-beach option in December, and travel tips think are. Hours of electricity per day family like yours started in this of snow-clad mountains, including Mt on or! Be useful great choices, but I ’ m not familiar with South immigration. Few months ago every island has a series of world-class best places to go if you were on the in! An enjoyable experience my boyfriend to best places to travel in december on a budget sunny destination during December, not... Next time I comment of Melbourne $ 150 for an all-inclusive always noisy since city...

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