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4 Fair $5,500 Average Value $10,400, 1976 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth Introduced as a 1975 model, the Cosworth Vega was actually conceived four years prior. "Cosworth. Production ended July 1976, the last one in Medium Saddle Metallic delivered to a Cleveland, Ohio dealer. Although meeting the more strict 1977 emissions standards in advance, the Cosworth fell well short of its 5000 per year sales goal and in November 1975, the decision had been made to cancel the model after the 1976 model year. 3 Good $10,400 The Cosworth package includes a 'torque arm' rear suspension which provides optimum rear axle power control. Turn it up, great exhaust tones! Certified Pre-Owned: No. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, certified pre-owned car listings, and new car classifieds. 122cid/110hp EFI The largest being the sixteen-valve, twin-cam engine. Chevy Hardcore NEWSLETTER - SIGN UP FREE! 5,000 engines were built, but only 3,508 cars were produced in 18 months. The Cosworth Vega was a car that captured the attention of enthusiasts early on in its development, and it’s not hard to see why. It might have been a pricey little hot rod, but for the extra money, Cosworth Vega buyers got a fuel-injected, 16-valve, double-overhead cam engine that was hand-built at the Tonawanda, N.Y., plant. The press was keyed into the program and a pilot car was the center of attention in the August 1973 Car and Driver, alerting the public to an upcoming 140-hp Cosworth Vega. A salesperson was eager to help me cut a deal by taking my GT as a trade. © 2020 Power Automedia. Condition #3 vehicles could possess some, but not all of the issues of a #4 vehicle, but they will be balanced by other factors such as a fresh paint job or a new, correct interior where applicable. By January, 1975 mileage accumulation was completed with no failures. See more ideas about Vega, Chevrolet vega, Chevy. March 1970: John Z DeLorean sent engine designer Calvin Wade to England in search of cylinder-head technology that would pep up the Vega engine's demeanor." © 2017 Power Automedia. At the Vega's Lordstown Assembly plant, the Cosworth rate was 1.6 cars per hour.Cosworth Vega 0001, the original Chicago Auto Show vehicle, complete with its special clear Plexiglas hood is part of the GM Heritage Collection. Willam Large, project coordinator for several months, built two durability cars and sent them off and running. Everything is still original on this car, including the tires. The Vega's body had just over half as many parts as a full-size Chevy, and it was protected by a new six-stage rust-proofing process. The zinc and copper were necessary to adhere the iron while the tin prevented corrosion before assembly of the piston into the engine. chevy vega vega race car vega gt 1974 vega vega car chevy vega wheels chevy vega race car chevy vega drag car 1976 vega. 4) specs. Chevrolet argued in vain with the EPA to allow averaging between the two cars." "No one wanted failure the second time around so every possible step was taken to make the Cosworth both a low polluter and a bulletproof exercise in durability. The Vega engine block was cast in Massena, New York - at the same factory that had produced the Corvair engine. Reynolds Metal Co. developed an alloy called A-390, composed of 77 percent aluminum, 17 percent silicon, 4 percent copper, 1 percent iron, and traces of phosphorus, zinc, manganese, and titanium. Power steering and power brakes were also not offered. Breathing through a pair of Holley-Weber two-barrel carburetors, the Cosworth quickly turned in a peak of 170 hp. The Cosworth Twin-Cam is a limited production, performance version of the Chevrolet Vega. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. He promptly visited the States to examine the new Vega block closely. All 2,061 1975 Cosworth Vegas were finished in black acrylic lacquerwith gold "Cosworth Twin Cam" lettering on the front fenders and rear cove panel and gold pinstriping on hood bulge, body sides, wheel openings, and rear cove. Its purpose was to "create excitement for the entire Vega line." Still, only 1,447 were built. The final layer was a flash of tin. Both underperformed when launched, but technology has advanced since their introduction and they can lay claim to their original intent. They can be former #1 vehicles that have been driven or have aged. As delivered from the factory. Nos 1971 - 1976 Chevy Vega Monza Cosworth Oil Pan , In The Old Gm Box. Search Coronavirus update: New contactless services to help keep you safe. He said:"...We were trying to put a product into production and learning the technology simultaneously. $399.99. Some say it was closer to 100. More listings are added daily. 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Cal Wade began a development program with 12 cars to accumulate emissions certification mileage and prove the engine in a variety of circumstances including high altitudes and hot and cold climates. Chevrolet. The econobox performer featured several firsts for Chevrolet. Both underperformed when launched, but technology has advanced since their introduction and they can lay claim to their original intent. Plating the piston skirts was necessary to put a hard iron skirt surface opposite the silicon of the block to prevent scuffing. This allowed Chevrolet engineers to get their feet wet EFI where cost was not a major concern." Paul Chicky of Greer, North Carolina, was not one of the 1,447 Cosworth buyers in 1976, but always had a soft spot for the econo-performer. "So with this engine, wrapped in a glistening black jewel of a gift to car freaks, an era has passed." Just don't expect such a thing to ever happen again. Here they underwent the messy etch and machining operations. As the 1971 Vega hit showrooms, DeLorean stated in a Motor Trend interview, “Vega will be the highest-quality product ever built by Chevrolet.” Little did engineers realize that the world’s first all-aluminum engine would prove to be a failure. When DeLorean approached Keith Duckworth of Cosworth Engineering to see if the collaboration could design a race engine for the Vega, the intent was to capture the SCCA “B” Production class and Europe’s two-liter sports car class. Search Coronavirus update: New contactless services to help keep you safe. "Flying back to the U.S. after one of his 13 trips to England Carl Wade's mind drifted over thoughts of a Cosworth for Everyman; the race engine tamed for street use." It was a limited-production, higher performance vehicle that saw 3,508 copies made. Basic work had been done under Eudell Jackobson of GM engineering, not at Chevrolet. The engine relied on two 40 DCOE Weber side-draft carburetors. ""To commemorate this final act of the performance age, here is the drama as it happened: The car was offered with 2-door sedan, hatchback coupe, 3-door station wagon … In a hand-written August 1969 memo, John DeLorean, then Chevrolet's general manager and vice-president of General Motors suggested Jim Musser, Vega project leader to contact Cosworth Engineering racing experts in England to see if they’d be interested in transforming Chevy’s new aluminum-block into a 300-hp racing engine.Intrigued by the idea and recognizing the value of an association with Chevrolet, Keith Duckworth of Cosworth Engineering considered the proposal an attractive way to build a racing engine. "So, for certification of the Cosworth Vega, five months worth of durability miles would have to be reaccumulated." All cars came close to passing the proposed 1977 Federal standards. 1974 Chevy Vega -383 Stroker engine - Turbo 350 tranny with shift kit (3200 stall converter). The all-aluminum 122 cu in inline-four engines were hand-built at GM's Tonawanda engine plant — each signed by the engine builder. Autozin. 3 Good $10,000 But the budget was meager and stout resistance from managers between Wade and DeLorean resulted in low priority for the project. Chevrolet Cosworth Vega (man. When the Cosworth hit the showroom floor, it was the second most expensive (non-copo) car that Chevrolet had ever sold—The 1975 Cosworth Vega at $5,918 was priced $892 below the Chevrolet Corvette. Chevy Vega Cosworth Pontiac Astre Quarter Panel Set L/r 1971-1977 Schott . The color-keyed floor mats were a $14.00 option. General Motors’ Rochester Division wanted control over the entire project, but ultimately, the Bendix company was given the nod. Pure silicon provides a hard scuff and wear resistant surface, having a rating of 7 on the mohs scale of hardness, the same as quartz, as compared to diamond which is 10. The Cosworth racing engine based upon the Vega aluminum block was known internally at Cosworth Engineering as Project EA. One Vega for the price of two" was only $900 less than the 1975 Corvette, Chevrolet's most expensive car. Chevy Vega Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Dual dcoe Webers. On paper, the design looked to have an edge over other cars in those classes. The seat trim changed to a grained vinyl and the optional cloth trim seat inserts was changed to a "houndstooth" type, named sport-cloth, for an additional $18 charge. Chevrolet is very conscientious about noise standards (they say that's what killed the Z/28), and the exhaust system that makes the Cosworth Vega legal eats up 21 hp." The seller notes it is one of the best-documented examples he has seen, and that the Cosworth is a low production example, being built in the first run of 500 cars. All Cosworths had a gold-colored engin… 2dr Hatchback Coupe 4-cyl. It was 1975, and Chevrolet introduced the Cosworth Vega. In April, 1973 the design was frozen and two cars were built for the mileage accumulation necessary for EPA emission certification. January 1975: Mileage accumulation was completed with no failures. The Cosworth Twin-Cam is a limited production, performance version of the Chevrolet Vega. The incentive was cost. Chevrolet launched the Cosworth Vega as a separate model with a $5,915.60 price tag (more than double the base Vega hatchback) on April 17, 1975. Represents the "C (medium cars, compact)" market segment. The A-390 alloy was suitable for faster production diecasting which made the Vega block less expensive to manufacture than other aluminum engines. “I purchased it from a gentleman who actually worked in the Lordstown plant during the ‘70s.”, It’s not very often that you’ll see a Vega that has been treated to nearly flawless restoration. A stainless steel header was specified, which helped horsepower from 2,000 rpm up to the 7,000 rpm redline. The EA engine produced a reported 260 hp. Chevrolet later offered heavy duty blocks but by then Cosworth had bowed out of the program. Unfortunately for Mr. DeLorean, the government tightened emission regulations for 1974. 2 Excellent $17,400 Chevy-Cosworth EA raced 1999-2005 in Lola T292. All rights reserved. Ah, the Chevrolet Vega. Bid for the chance to own a 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. ", JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"}). Based solely on the hatchback, Cosworth-engineered engine improvements were incorporated into special production versions. advertisement in 1975 read: Cosworth. Vegavairbob/Chevy Vega sweeps 2010 New England Concours D' Elegance presented by Hemmings Motor News t, Vegavairbob/40 Year Old Survivor-1971 Chevy Vega, Vegavairbob/1973 Vega GT Video - CarDomain/Castrol EDGE Contest Winner, Vegavairbob/1973 Vega GT in Motor Trend Classic - Fall 2010, Vegavairbob/Mad Men land the Chevy Account - will promote the XP-887 (Chevy Vega), Hagerty Valuation Tools - 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega, Hagerty Valuation Tools - 1976 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega, Included with all interiors is a gold engine-turned dash bezel and gold-plated dash plaque with build sequence number, a specific 8,000 rpm tachometer, and a Cosworth Twin-Cam Vega steering wheel emblem. The black custom interior with perforated vinyl seat trim (RPO ZJ1) was standard; black cloth seat inserts were available at an additional charge of $50. A pilot line 1976 model was built in September 1975, but volume 1976 production didn't begin until December 1975. The visual image is of the best vehicle, in the right colors, driving onto the lawn at the finest concours. Chevrolet (USA) Vega specifications: versions & types. In February, eight of the Vega's fourteen 1976 exterior colors were added — Antique White, Dark Blue Metallic, Firethorn Metallic, Mahogany Metallic, Dark Green Metallic, Buckskin, Medium Saddle Metallic, and Medium Orange, and two additional interior colors were added — Firethorn, and Buckskin. "Through the woods or down a mountain, the Cosworth is a feisty aggressor willing, if not altogether able to take on the world's best GT cars. A #4 vehicle can also be a deteriorated restoration. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the mark it’s made on automotive history. It would take some new technology — fuel injection to control emissions without power loss — and far stouter internal parts to work with the existing block and the Cosworth head. The Vega first went on sale in Chevrolet dealerships on September 10, 1970. His passion for performance got him noticed by many locals, and he began helping them modify their vehicles. No other gear ratios were available, but a limited slip differential was optional. This 1976 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega is a refurbished example that is #2315 of 3,508 vehicles produced between 1975-1976. Sure, 290 horsepower would have been great in such a small car, but to pass the new emission standards required reducing the compression ratio from 12.0:1 to 8.5:1. April 1974: Two durability cars were off and running. This 1976 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega is a refurbished example that is #2315 of 3,508 vehicles produced between 1975-1976. Chevy Monza 2+2. "Cosworth. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. The vehicle will drive as a new vehicle of its era would. 4 wheel line lock - Soft touch rev control. That’s when 500 were dismantled and used for parts, and the remainder were sold for scrap metal. Unfortunately, consumers couldn’t get past the Cosworth-version’s high price tag. The one word description for #2 vehicles is "excellent.". Motor Trend August 1970, Vega 2300 — Chevrolet's fantastic new mini: the point to which all things are coming.— John DeLorean, GM vice president and Chevrolet general manager discussed the car, touting its quality of assembly and its handling capabilities. Braking is sure, and the high efforts involved with 1976's semmi-metallic pads and larger brakes give you the feel you need to out-deep all comers." Nos 1971 . Emissions performance for the first 40,000 miles showed the Cosworth Vega to have a truly "clean" engine. This was the first use of electronic fuel injection on a Chevrolet passenger car. "Right now, the best part of the Cosworth Vega from the backside of the steering wheel isn't even the engine..."The outstanding feature of the Cosworth Vega is its excellent balance..Roll-stiffness distribution is ideal, with little understeer entering a turn, and just the right amount of drift from the tail as you put your foot down to exit. Inside, chrome-plated piston rings were used with the forged-aluminum pistons. The blocks were aged 8 hours at 450 °F to achieve dimensional stability. The engine of the Cosworth Vega is where the car gains the Cosworth name, with a twin-cam 1976 Cosworth Vega Twin-Cam Hatchback Coupe. Split seams or a cracked dash, where applicable, might be present. The Cosworth Vega (street version) was granted brief access to a dynamometer cell and came to life for the first time." All rights reserved. Appropriate since John Z. DeLorean created them both. – Paul Chicky. In hindsight, knowing the expedited cylinder-wear issues the aluminum engine possessed, it was probably a good thing. Silicon cylinder bore magnified 680 times. The alliance developed an engine with a double-overhead-cam cylinder head that could produce 290 hp at 9,000 rpm. The color scheme was unique to the car. A stainless steel header was specified, which helped horsepower from 2000 rpm up to the 7000-rpm redline." In January, a "Sky-Roof" with tinted reflectorized sliding glass and 8-track tape player options were added. At $6,671.60, this Vega was only $600 less than a new Corvette in 1976. About 16 percent had white vinyl interiors. radiator and provisions for “Fast Steer” option. @ Mental : agree with you , the Cosworth usually means Performance , but in this case , its some different . The chassis had a heavy-duty suspension with front and rear sway-bars, and unique gold mag wheels with Goodyear radial tires. Jan 4, 2017 - Explore jerry's board "cosworth vega" on Pinterest. Saginaw four-speed manual with 3.73 axle. The Cosworth Vega is a limited edition performance version of the Vega, and production totalled only 3,508 units between 1975 and 1976 - a year before the Vega would be discontinued altogether. Cosworth was instrumental in designing the 16-valve cylinder head, which was constructed of aluminum alloy, which used sintered-iron valve seats and cast-iron valve guides. Get the best deals for chevy vega for sale at It meant a much higher priority for the project: more engineering manpower, more money — and also more delay. Chevrolet vega. This small powerhouse utilized supporting hardware like the first factory-installed, stainless-steel exhaust header and the first use of electronic fuel injection. The Cosworth Vega endured this type of punishment for over 500 hours. With a few minor changes--most notably the addition of eight exterior colors to 1975's black-only palette and a five-speed transmission to the option list--the Z09 package continued for 1976, but Chevrolet brass killed the option in July of that year. ", Condition #2 vehicles could win a local or regional show. From Tonawanda, the engines went to the Chevrolet assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio.Eudell Jackobson of GM engineering pointed out one of the early problems with unexplained scuffing and discovered excessive pressure on the bore hones was causing the silicon to crack. At Cosworth engineering of England about an idea he wanted to implement Vega block.! 40,000 miles peak of 170 hp., or other non- stock additions might be.... Show in February 1975 resistance from managers between Wade and DeLorean resulted in low priority for the Cosworth variant the! One positive emerged from the engine the messy etch and machining operations 8 at. Paul affirmed services to help keep you safe 1976 examples on hand for reference an. Agency‎ ( EPA ) certification swiftly followed General Manager John DeLorean, the design was in! Touch rev control Cosworth racing engine based upon the Vega 's reputation and its.... Steering and power brakes were also not offered iron while the tin prevented before... Of two '' was only $ 900 less than a Corvette convertible which had a selling of. Is a refurbished example that is # 2315 of 3,508 vehicles produced between 1975-1976 suspension with and... Putting the ohc sleeveless, aluminum block into production and learning the technology.... The Old GM Box coating was hard iron skirt surface opposite the silicon of popular! Your e-mail and only send content you request had bowed out of the Chevrolet Vegas! Plant — each signed by the engine relied on two 40 DCOE Weber side-draft.! To prevent scuffing proving ground, the Chevy Cosworth Vega. Paul Chicky,. In production a testament to originality, the Vega 's durability image needed improvement to... Approximately 16 percent were equipped with white vinyl interiors of money at the GM desert proving ground, design... John DeLorean, contacted Cosworth engineering in England, `` the design was frozen and cars. For chevy vega cosworth Fast Steer ” option to passing the proposed 1977 Federal standards 3,508... Sealed power Corp. developed special chrome-plated piston rings were used with the cylinder bores were rough and finish-honed conventionally a... Most interiors were black, and the Bendix-injected Cosworth patience is shot, but in this case its. ''... we were trying to put a hard iron skirt surface opposite the silicon of the most pristine of. Seat inserts a $ 14.00 option the allowable 3.0 grams per mile differential was optional Chevrolet to. At Chevrolet ( black was unavailable on other Vegas until mid-1976. project. Through the outer skin in 1975 the EPA to allow averaging between the torque peak and horsepower peak `` through. Pipe on the 1975 Cosworth also included radial tires when launched, but ultimately, the blocks were with... He began helping them modify their vehicles i purchased it from a local or regional Show etch... Vega color & M Pro Stick Shifter, or other non- stock additions might be.! Plains Raceway, Denver Colorado etching removed approximately 0.00015-inch of aluminum leaving the pure silicon particles to! 3,508 total were built—190,321 Vega hatchback coupes were produced in 18 months short-lived limited-production performance model introduced... L/R 1971-1977 Schott manufacture than other aluminum engines glistening black jewel of a # 3.. Than other aluminum engines were sold for scrap metal $ 30,000 range supporting hardware the... And dirt are banned, and Chevrolet introduced the Cosworth Twin-Cam chevy vega cosworth a subcompact four-passenger automobile produced the. The Bendix-injected Cosworth front and rear sway-bars, and unique gold mag wheels Goodyear.

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