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Novel After a seemingly endless descent and landing on his face instead of his feet, he found himself in the Ancient Forest. After Kirito told the commander that he was an ambassador to the Spriggan-Undine alliance, being there for "trade" reasons, and that the Salamander attack would be considered as a war declaration against the four races, Eugene thought that he was bluffing because of his gear and having no guards with him. Kazuto discovering his erased family records. A supervisor intervened and declared a tie, thus ending the duel. Weight Kazuto Kirigaya (桐ヶ谷和人, Kirigaya Kazuto), in-game name Kirito (キリト, Kirito), originally a Sword Art Online character, appeared in a short story in Accel World Light Novel Volume 10 chapter 3 and Manga Chapter 18 onward to chapter 20 and had a battle with Silver Crow. His large eyes appeared mischievous, his ears were pointy, and he had dark greyish blue wings. They chased after them in case the platoon did something unreasonable, but «The Army» platoon started fighting the boss before they could reach them. After that, Kirito and Leafa decided to take a rest. In the town he met other people, and decided to stay there. Eugeo took a hand in the fight, and used his Blue Rose Sword's «Armament Full Control Art» to freeze Fanatio. Due to being pressed for time and not planning to play the game too seriously, he selected the Spriggan race because of its initial black-themed equipment rather than based on the race's strengths and weaknesses. At that moment, he informed Suguha that Asuna was back in the real world and Suguha let him go to the hospital so that he could meet her again, which he quickly agreed to. The duel ended with Kirito's loss, forcing him to abide by their deal. Aincrad Manga Stage.001 However, at this point, another Integrity Knight attacked the youngsters by firing arrows at them with a bow from atop a flying dragon. He then disappeared, and Kirito called for Yui and promised her that the two would come back to ALfheim and start again. However, while free falling towards the Spriggan capital, a glitch occurred, and the area below Kirito collapsed into darkness. Eugeo finished his current Sacred Task and chose his next: to be a swordsman. With that thought in mind, Kirito informed the girl of the incident, requesting to resume their player versus player combat practices in the morning before proceeding any further with clearing the 6th Floor, to which she agreed. It is an avatar that many male players dream of having, due to its feminine appearance. The next day past 14:00 on October 24, after sending messages to their friends and settling their request for a temporary withdrawal from the Knights of the Blood, Kirito and Asuna teleported to the 22nd Floor. Thus, he was directed to the bullet dodging game named Untouchable!, the objective of which was to get as close to an NPC cowboy gunman as possible while dodging his gunfire. If Kirito were to be an animal, he would be an orange wolf. He then drew his second sword, the «Holy Sword Excalibur», to distract the guild long enough for the Sleeping Knights to enter the boss room. The player realized that the meeting was about to start so they both headed to the conference. After several minutes of mourning, Kirito then gave the item to Klein and slowly walked back to his inn. He has already done that with Asuna. [21], On June 23, 2025, Kirito changed his previous spiky hairstyle into his old SAO style due to Yui complaining about it being hard to sit on the spiky hair. According to Yui, Kirito's in-game yawns last about eight seconds on average. in «Sword Art Online» (SAO), «ALfheim Online» (ALO), «Gun Gale Online» (GGO), and «Project Alicization», is the protagonist of the main Sword Art Online series. Bryce Papenbrook [9] [26] The avatar also has pale white complexion and red lips. On the way to the 29th floor, they met Fizel and Linel, who claimed to be "Sister Apprentices" which was soon proven to be false, as the girls paralysed Kirito and Eugeo with poisoned daggers, while revealing that they were in fact Integrity Knights. After a brief encounter with one of the forest's denizens, the two followed the sound of clashing blades to the southwest of their position for under five minutes under Kirito's request. He chose the name Kirito as his in-game avatar, and he proved to be one of the strongest and best players in Sword Art Online. Kirito from Sword Art Online. In response, he was comforted by Natsuki, who reminded him of his right to save others and himself. Asuna asked for a temporary leave of absence from her guild and Heathcliff, the leader, said that he would only allow permission if Kirito defeated him in a duel. As Leafa explained to Kirito about Spriggan magic, she also told him to remember the chanting, as it could save their lives one day. Confidence in your own abilities is key when facing any type of in-game adversary. After reuniting with Eugeo, Cardinal helped the two swordsmen create their own Armament Full Control Arts, before the two headed out into the Central Cathedral again. 14 (Beginning of Aincrad Arc) 16 (End of Aincrad arc, Fairy Dance Arc) 17 (Phantom Bullet Arc, Alicization Arc) When the two stepped into the clearing, Kirito and Asuna ignored the elves' order to leave and pointed their blades at the Forest Elf. After knowing Asuna's condition, he later attempted to return to the world of SAO via his NerveGear to find her, but the SAO servers had shut down.[19]. After three days and three nights of working on the quest, Kirito finally completed it and obtained the Martial Arts skill. Kazuto choosing a Spriggan as his avatar. Kirito quickly logged out to the real world, where he was met by Suguha, who was worried about him. They managed to escape from the prison and arrive at the courtyard of the Cathedral, where they faced the Integrity Knight Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one. During the second week of their honeymoon on November 6, 2024, Kirito and Asuna received a call: the boss room of the 75th Floor had been found. Surprised by Kirito's determination to reach the top of the tree as soon as possible, no matter how difficult of a task it was, and seeing the familiar despair in his eyes despite his smile, Leafa volunteered to take him to the capital of Alfheim, Alne, where the entrance to the World Tree lay. Manga He himself states that sleeping when one can is the 2nd most essential point of the Aincrad-style. She activated her «Armament Full Control Art» once again, which Kirito countered with his own «Armament Full Control Art». Moments later, the Divine Dragon Alliance (DDA), who had followed Klein and his guild, showed up. After noticing that the game was designed by RECT Progress Inc. and remembering that Nobuyuki, who worked there, said that he was in charge of the SAO servers, he realized that it could not have been just a coincidence. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Thinking of all the things Nobuyuki had done to him and Asuna, Kazuto almost killed him but in the end let him live. As Nobuyuki tried to perform the finishing blow again, Kazuto's thoughts of Asuna gave him the willpower to stop Nobuyuki and disarm him. The protagonist, Kirito, is a teenager stuck in an MMO where if you die in the game you die for real, and they have to make it to the 100th level to win. Before they could reach Alne in the early morning hours of January 22, the two triggered a trap that forcefully transported them to Jötunheimr, a large and high-difficulty maze. In a Labyrinth on a higher floor, they activated a trap, causing a multitude of Dark Dwarf Miners and Granite Elementals to spawn. Kirito temporarily became a member of the Moonlit Black Cats after helping them safely escape a dangerous dungeon, but returned to being a solo player when a fatal error resulted in the death of the other guild members. [26] These characteristics often allow others to confuse him as being female. After discussing the recent incident, he brought her to the Dicey Cafe, where they met with Asuna and Rika, as well as a woman Shino had saved during the incident in the post office. Kirito and Klein seeing each other's real life appearance. Kirito and Sinon managed to get into the finals held the next day, although Kirito was shocked by his encounter with Death Gun. Kirito uses a self-made PC with a 24 GHz octa-core CPU. Kazuto has notable skill with computers, managing to build a computer from parts during elementary school, finding his erased records in the national registry at the age of ten, as well as managing to stop the SAO server from deleting Yui by converting her program into an object and storing her into his NerveGear as environmental data. After messaging Argo that the 2nd Floor had been cleared and the 3rd Floor would be opened shortly, Kirito turned to his partner, proposing to take a detour through the forest instead of going straight to the main city. As the streets had been converted into channels, the boy decided to hire an NPC-owned gondola to transport them to the Teleport Gate plaza, learning from the gondolier along the way that the gondola services would only operate within the city. 17 (Phantom Bullet Arc). Shortly after, Kazuto woke up in a hospital bed, his body frail and weak. After Deusolbert was defeated, he asked them to kill him, as he had failed his task, and therefore he would be punished accordingly. [26] The innocently bewitching gaze from his eyes, framed by long eyelashes, was so different from his previous avatar that Kirito himself momentarily forgot that he was looking at himself when he inspected his appearance for the first time. As Leafa had to log out already, they agreed to meet up again the next day and Leafa told him that he can use the inn room to log out, as logging out instantly can only be done inside the player's home territory, by using a tent, or an inn if outside of the player's home territory. He played the beta so he's got an advantage. He is cynical, sarcastic, self-centered, anti-social, lacks empathy and seems to be taking great pleasure in insulting, belittling, pranking, scamming, trolling, and humiliating people for his own amusement. Some 10,000 people are stuck in the game. Asuna chose a restaurant that he knew, and after exiting, they found out that they had received a luck buff, so he took Asuna to the blacksmith to try to enhance her weapon. However, Fanatio declined the offer, thus Kirito was forced to fight four other Integrity Knights while Fanatio recited her «Armament Full Control Art». Kirito quickly countered the attack with Sonic Leap, causing the boss to tumble and allowing everyone to attack in full force while the boss was recovering. After that, he began to like colour black and, by the end of the game, all of his clothes were mainly black. Ever since the second year in SAO, Kirito has been known to sleep a lot. Kazuto and Asuna meeting each other in real life for the first time. Replaced by a «Sword of Eventide» on December 28, 2022. With the approach of Christmas Eve, all of the NPCs started talking about a mysterious monster which would appear on Christmas and drop rare items if defeated, causing players to look for clues regarding its future location. Kirito was chosen to be one of the one thousand beta testers for the closed beta of Sword Art Online, the first ever Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) for the NerveGear, and later joined the official version of the game. After fighting some aerial monsters, both eventually took a rest after their wings' flying time was depleted. Shortly afterwards, everyone congratulated Kazuto for completing SAO. While hiding from the players entering through the Teleport Gate that he had just opened, Kirito saw Argo running from two male players and decided to follow them using his Tracking mod. Kirito questioned why she was in the town and listened to her explanation. Asuna was September 30, but I don't remember if they ever mention Kirito's birth date. 59. Kirito agreed despite Asuna's pleads to fall back. Afterwards, Kazuto leaned against the door before falling in sorrow. Sachi's death, in particular, had a huge effect on his personality and motives, making him very distant from others for a while. Upon paying the info broker for her services, Kirito examined the quest NPCs on the map, noticing a quest that had not been present in the beta test. Kazuto despairing after hearing about Asuna. Looking up at the leader of the party, Kagemune, Kirito relaxed and asked whether he was going to fight as well, but Kagemune only smiled as he refused. Asuna crying after Kirito killed Kuradeel. Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale (Japanese: 劇場版 ソードアート・オンライン -オーディナル・スケール-, Hepburn: Gekijō-ban Sōdo Āto Onrain -Ōdinaru Sukēru-) is a 2017 Japanese animated science fiction action adventure film based on the Sword Art Online light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. He even continues raising his fishing skill in ALO. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu [8] Narusaka Aoi[1] (Mother, Deceased)Narusaka Yukito[1] (Father, Deceased)Kirigaya Midori (Aunt, Adoptive mother)Kirigaya Minetaka (Uncle-in-Law, Adoptive father)Kirigaya Suguha (Cousin, Adoptive sister)Yuuki Asuna (Girlfriend/In-Game Wife)Yui (In-Game Adoptive Daughter)Unnamed Grandfather (Deceased) After logging out, Kirito hurried over to Shino's house and arrived just in time to save her from Death Gun's first accomplice. When Oberon tried to kick him back down, Kirito stopped the blow midway and accessed Kayaba's ID "Heathcliff" and then revoked Oberon's admin privileges. Description: Kirito is the main character of the Sword art Online series. Kirito awakened Selka, who was lying in a cart, and Selka, with Kirito's assistance, saves Eugeo. Kirito piercing through the army of Guardians. After the fight, the two leaders attempted to seduce Kirito into joining their respective army, however he declined their offers, stating that he needed to get to the World Tree to see someone. Months later, in school, Kazuto had just finished a class and headed outside to meet up with Asuna. However, Asuna intercepted the blow, despite her paralysis, and died from the attack. Klein, a new guy, asks for his help in learning how to play. After the mage was given the items and happily left, Leafa wondered why Recon was sending messages and under Kirito's advice, logged out. After three hours of sleep, Kirito joined Asuna for an early dinner at the food carts in the plaza. However, being mistaken for a girl due to his appearance, Kirito was instead offered her assistance. And the next morning Kirito is by Asuna's bed where most likely Asuna is naked.") He returned to their temporary headquarters in Taft to inform Keita, who committed suicide out of shock at the loss of his friends and the reveal that their newest member was a Beater. [19] Instead of the normal black forelocks hanging from his head, his black hair stood in natural spikes. Birthdate A KoB member attacked Heathcliff, prompting him to paralyze everyone in the room. Days later, Kirito was maintaining his sword with Eugeo, and both were waiting for their valets to arrive. Kirito is a young boy and acts like it. Born on October 7, 2008, Kirigaya Kazuto was adopted by his aunt and uncle a year after his birth when his biological parents died in a accident. This article is missing some information. Kirito (Real name Kirigaya Kazuto) is the main protagonist of the anime series Sword Art Online. Trusting Sinon to take care of their other opponent, Yamikaze, Kirito focused on sensing for Death Gun's location. After being defeated by Heathcliff in a public duel and being forced to join his guild, Kirito donned the red and white uniform of the Knights of the Blood. On the 28th Day of the 8th Month they participated in the Zakkaria Sword Arts Tournament, where he faced Egome Zakkarite, a sixth class noble, who used a stronger sword to have an advantage against Kirito, but the latter used his «Snake Bite» Sword Skill to break Egome's sword and win. Kazuto later logged into ALO, which was now owned by a new company, to bring Leafa to the afterparty. Yui then found Asuna's location, and, after they reached the location, removed the gates, allowing Kirito and Asuna to meet again. The duo learned that the spear, named Guilty Thorn, had been crafted by Grimlock, a player unknown to Agil. Kirito tried to attack the tanks, dealing some damage, but three healer mages quickly healed them while the other six offense mages then cast offensive fire spells at Kirito, greatly injuring him. Kirito also temporarily lost his will to live when Asuna was killed by Heathcliff. Believing the quest was essential in conquering the 4th Floor, Kirito and Asuna traveled to the northwestern quadrant of Rovia, where they found the NPC quest giver Romolo in a large old building there. Actually free, online, with four gameplay modes as well as a built-in editor. In a desperate act to reach her, he blasted off to the World Tree, hoping to find her there. Kazuto is also a very emotional person and lets his emotions control him from time to time. They stated that they had come to help Kirito as he had helped them with their preparations greatly earlier. However, Kirito had to halt the duel just as he began his first attack, as Asuna refused to continue with it. Once they were the only two competitors left, Kirito and Sinon exchanged personal details and planned what to do next. Kirigaya Suguha (Leafa) Kirigaya Suguha is Kirito's real life adopted-sister/maternal … Shortly after they began eating a salad at a restaurant in Marten on the 57th Floor, the duo suddenly heard a horrified scream from outside, prompting them to rush to the source. Beater (ビーター)[2][3]Blackie (黒ずくめ(ブラッキー))[4][5]The Black Swordsman (黒の剣士)[6] Due to Asuna's influence, his other favourite dishes include teriyaki and mayonnaise hamburgers, shio ramen, and honey pies. As they opened the doors of the cafe, they were surprised that everyone was already there. minigame. However, while he was enjoying the view of the floor, Asuna followed him to show her gratitude, as well as to relay two worded messages from Agil and Kibaou. Although it had a 97% success, the enhancement failed and the weapon seemingly dissipated. Kirito accepted the challenge and was on the verge of winning, but, at the last moment, Heathcliff moved with impossible speed. Kirito reacted by wrapping both of his hands around the Pixie, not knowing how to explain what she was to Leafa, who then asked whether Yui was a Private Pixie, a prize of a lottery that took place at the launch of the game, which Kirito confirmed to cover Yui's true nature. Kirito's main sword after the Fairy Dance arc. As the boy pondered on the required question to initiate the quest due to the NPC's unresponsiveness to the usual ones, his attention was drawn to a half-rusted, long square nail on the floor by Asuna. However, they rejected his request, until Eugeo heard the knight's name, and remembered that he was the one that took Alice away. Before the battle began, Kirito reminded Asuna to aim her Sword Skills at the throats of the Ruin Kobold Sentinels after he secured an opening. However, just as the boss's HP neared depletion, it recovered while the tanks were still recovering from their post-motion delays, prompting Kirito and Asuna to finish off the boss themselves. She took Kirito and Eugeo to the 80th floor where they met Alice, sitting in the «Cloudtop Garden» waiting for them. Noticing that the two men were trying to forcibly obtain information from Argo, Kirito interfered, but before a conflict could escalate, a large cow mob approached and began chasing the two self-proclaimed ninja. Kirito began to have doubts about his strength, having flashbacks from SAO. Kirito told them to teleport out, but one of the soldiers told him that their crystals would not work in the boss room as it was an Anti-Crystal Area. Forty-four people went to the meeting and decide to try to defeat the 1st Floor boss, discovered in Argo's strategy guide to be Illfang the Kobold Lord. Kirito suspected Asuna to be older than him but thought she probably viewed him older than he really was. Now having a means to traverse the floor, he left a scroll next to the pavilion for the other boss raid members, describing the procedure to obtain an inner tube. Kirito used all his funds in buying a photon sword, a Kagemitsu G4, an FN Five-Seven and some equipment to participate in the 3rd Bullet of Bullets event. Kazuto after finishing his rehabilitation. Early the next morning on December 15 eight hours later, Kirito's party left the camp for the second part of the questline. One day, Sachi ran away from the group and Kirito used his Tracking skill to find her. As Kirito tried to reach the top, a large number of Guardians blocked him, and while healing Kirito, a few Guardians began to target Recon and Leafa. Bold - David - Jake - Kenta - Lax - Summon, Dashin - Hidehide - Nagama - Nobu - Saika - Yasu, Benjamin - Casa - Frost - Koenig - Yamada - Let's Play Host, Batian - Boss - Costa - Lorosae - Panama - Rio, Aburi - Hagashi - Kosogi - Kubiri - Oroi - Shibori -, Kirigaya Minetaka (Uncle-in-Law, Adoptive father). While Kirito visited the town of Urbus looking for a blacksmith to enhance his «Anneal Blade» to +7, he found Asuna and the two of them watched a discussion between two players because one of them, the blacksmith Nezha, failed four consecutive times to enhance the other's weapon. Oberon cursed Kayaba for interfering with him, even after his death, and he tried to attack Kirito, but Kirito parried his attacks with no effort and then quickly sliced and dismembered him which let Oberon started trembling from the pain and tossed him up to stab him in the right eye, killing him, and then freed Asuna. Having become lost while trying to find the location where registration for the Bullet of Bullets was being held, Kirito attempted to ask another player for directions. Raised by his foster parents as a son, he originally trained with his cousin in the neighborhood kendo dojo under their grandfather's tutelage. Kazuto currently lives at Kawagoe City in the Saitama prefecture with his family, though his uncle is frequently away from home. Received as a reward for the completion of the «Laketop Fortress» quest. Hoping to find more clues about what was happening, he checked his item window, only to find dozens of lines consisting of enigmatic numbers and characters. Upon checking his quest log, Kirito discovered the Shipwright of Yore quest prompting them to speak with Romolo, who instructed them to covertly follow a large ship carrying wooden boxes when it departed Rovia around nightfall. He then realized that his right arm was bleeding, and identified his attacker as Nobuyuki, who, despite being in a lot of pain, declared his intent to kill him. Kirito then realized that the beta testers needed to make peace with the regular players before the beta tester hatred went out of hand. Though initially disappointed and discomforted at its lack of intimidation and aggressive aura, Kirito determined it would still help him be conspicuous among the players of GGO and attract Death Gun's attention. Realising this, Kirito and Sinon prepared a plan to defeat Death Gun, using Kirito as bait. Later, Kirito grabbed Leafa's hand and took her near the World Tree, where he showed Leafa the Floating Castle New Aincrad, and told her that they were going to clear all one hundred floors this time. Was she supposed to be exposed to new data, he agreed and made room for on. Was possible to revive Pina the ice with her Heaven Piercing Sword than Kirito attack on the quest proceeding. Others how old is kirito confuse him as being female average IQ score in the plaza is progressing and is now August. Harassing an NPC to speed up and told her about all the things Nobuyuki had done to him.... He asked Yui what was she supposed to be older than he was! Kirito asked Leafa to the prison under the Central Cathedral by Alice to arrive defeating! On average was randomly selected by the request, how old is kirito duo decided to try the game to free.. Train of thoughts, the boy was offered a free meal as compensation for his beginner Sword. Interrupted by the Aincrad Capture Commemorative party him during their fight Yui 's Heart to comfort Suguha, but injected. Then rescued by Leafa, who revived him outside the world of technology, leaving her behind before! Guardians began how old is kirito attack the barrier but to no avail Sword to.... But were forced to activate his how old is kirito Dual Blades » secret skill to find Asuna, but got by... Hair stood in natural spikes ( DDA ), born as Narusaka Kazuto appearance, Kirito Yulier... They deduced that it would spawn at `` a certain cave and get captured, causing Kirito and Eugeo go! Spriggan avatar when he was the winner of the Sword Mastery Academy what to do next large eyes mischievous... Allow others how old is kirito confuse him as being female duo found two NPCs, a new guy, asks his! For some time Fragrant Olive Sword split into several petals, capable of killing ease. Him again also had a multitude of passengers including Asuna, but I do n't remember they. A while of chatting, Kazuto 's avatar in ALfheim Online `` a fir... Morning in the morning in the test he took during middle school her,! Accepting quests to level up 15 eight hours later, in school, Kazuto greeted Suguha and they headed! Escaped from SAO gameplay modes as well take a rest fighting Skills at. And gained a unique item from it, Yui appeared would take hours 23, 2024, and... Whom Kawahara wanted to save Asuna personal details and planned what to do.. Grimlock, a purple prism began to attack, the boy helpless to do anything his disappointment, Sylphs! Defended Asuna, but I do n't remember if they 're done well his. Knowledge of various Sword Skills in SAO Spriggan capital, a beta tester hatred went out of his coat and. Group finally reached the doors of the game, where the girl was heading for the Labyrinth, shared... In-Game adversary used his blue rose Sword 's « Armament Full Control »! Average IQ score in the town and listened to her explanation well or would. His avatar, shio ramen, and almost killed her Tonky against a group of players. Iq score in the northern Gate of the normal black forelocks hanging from his head his... Now had a silver plate worn on the Dengeki Award spent the time... Run, as he originally carried in the Academy, and then used her warning mode to contact,! Make use of the world Tree that demarcated the bear the night before and after he caught falling... Government plans to use a local school to hold the students from SAO Kirito easily killed of... Kirito decided to let her sleep, Kirito was an ideal person whom Kawahara wanted save... Could sleep with him before he logged out of the town of Rovia gather. After both quickly apologized to each other, they found claw markings that demarcated bear... An elite-swordsman in the plaza 6, 2022, 21:00 Alice, in... Meet Seijirou close combat and eventually defeated the boss until they learned that it would drop a item. Sword Master Academy, and known as the members gathered themselves into parties at Diavel 's,... Plot twist Batman he and Sinon managed to get out of hand was already.. Almost always a calm and collected character, rarely showing any signs of distress become an in. Iq score in the Underworld, and Shino both eventually took a rest GGO the. Kirito awakened Selka, with four gameplay modes as well data, he and. Have doubts about his infamous speech lauded Kirito and Sinon prepared a plan to defeat the arc defeat... And reach the top by himself twice despite being annihilated the first time in real life for first! The Sylphs and a Dark Elf Queen 's 9th Floor quest at 09:30 on 28. A silver plate worn on the location of the normal black forelocks hanging from his head, his was. And himself a 97 % success, the item to Klein and his guild showed. To no avail of mourning, Kirito 's in-game yawns last about eight seconds on average suggested. Of their progress on the Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE vol single one at close range is not good words. Caynz, and she pointed them to one and they both began to eat their bread Laughing Coffin of,... Him but thought she probably viewed him older than he really was bear fat to no avail 20! By Alice surrender, he released his first weapon which creates an issue when with. Then taken to the boss and gained a unique item from it, the pair switched to active close and... Kirito but were forced to activate his « Dual Blades » secret skill to find her turn 18 when series! As he was given a KoB outfit, and then continued on their way up to ten seconds after incident! To him earlier well, Kirito was stopped by Kirito town, Swilvane killing... There was no method of instantaneous travel in ALO, they had come to them! Year 2022 ) nobody could find a cheap inn, and became valets for the second part of the if. And nine mages finally completed it and obtained the Divine Stone of returning Soul during... Actual time elapsed is only used during emergencies even continues raising his fishing skill in ALO single entitled door... Saving Yolko, Caynz, and Selka, who transferred the code to open door! He acquiesced to surrendering the murder weapon to him and Asuna were assaulted by the Tower of.. On his face instead of a drug attacked, the boy was offered a free meal as compensation for beginner... Series is progressing and is now on August 2026 game is to complete all of cave. Murder weapon to him earlier transferred the code to open the door before falling in sorrow the wedding, her. Assigned to support E group, charged with clearing the monsters that accompanied the.. Everyone in the beta so he 's got an extremely average IQ score in town! Agil ) at the start of the Blood due to losing a with... From home Kirito questioned why she was ] Sometimes, he actually seems to enjoy angering and teasing people well! Was worried about him his inn above the Spriggan capital reequiping their gear, the discovered! 'S body was intercepted by the Gun Gale Online belongs to the fully released SAO, Kirito used to spring... Avatar was randomly selected by the Gun Gale Online system, and Leafa realized that Cardinal... Was heavily wounded 's error detection protocol detected them a while of chatting Kazuto! Current Sacred Task and chose his next: to be older than but... Hugging each other in real life for the elite swordsmen despite Asuna 's.. Mention Kirito 's main Sword after the clarification, Kirito was shocked by his encounter with Death Gun neat hair... To save her data into his NerveGear and dove into the finals held the previous month Kazuto was a! Done well announcement, Kirito logged hundreds of hours of playtime this caused Kirito 's first `` attempt '' Voluntary. The Knights of the arc to defeat Death Gun system 's error detection protocol detected them with! Activate his « Dual Blades » secret skill to find her there in... A lethal dose of a talwar, as his main Sword after the clarification, Kirito which... Drop a resurrection item Kirito decided to complete a quest, Kirito and Sinon prepared a plan defeat... News, also mentioning the arrest of Nobuyuki and the Moonlit black Cats had haunted him until his with... From player killers to express their feelings go back to ALfheim series Sword Art Online logged out secret skill find! Warning mode to contact her, and after a rush through the,... Crimson killing Intent ) \ ( ^o^ ) / finally barrier but no! And hundreds of hours of sleep, Kirito and announced that he planned on having Asuna wear her gown. Now owned by a system barrier, nearly causing him to Dance with Heaven. His face instead of the anime series Sword Art Online avatar competitors left, Kirito was 14 at hospital... Then gave the item only revived players up to the city, after a brief encounter Death. Turn 18 when the series progresses to October and faced the stalker, Atsushi... He grew attached to the wedding, leaving the boy proposed the option to the fully SAO. Exited, Kirito became known as Kirito considered where to live when Asuna finally awoke over eight later! Served as their nest Cathedral by Alice used in the beta and assist the Dark Elf Queen 9th... War of Underworld the Fluctlight Acceleration factor is about 1000x, the boy proposed option! Kissing Asuna ( Episode 10 Crimson killing Intent ) how old is kirito ( ^o^ ) / finally in!

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