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The organization must enter a zero or a dollar amount on this line. "CEO" stands for chief executive officer. See the Instructions for Schedule N (Form 990 or 990-EZ) for definitions and explanations of these terms and transactions or events, and a description of articles of dissolution and other information that must be filed with Form 990. Under section 6652(c)(1)(A), a penalty of $20 a day, not to exceed the lesser of $10,500 or 5% of the gross receipts of the organization for the year, can be charged when a return is filed late, unless the organization shows that the late filing was due to reasonable cause. Unreimbursed expenses of officers, employees, or volunteers. If the organization needs a complete copy of its previously filed return, it can file Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return. The intent of the above instructions is only to facilitate reporting indirect expenses by both object classification and function. Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors, Section A. Rul. However, report expenses related to the production of program-related income in column (B) and expenses related to the production of rental income in Part VIII, on line 6b. Add the amounts in columns (B) and (D) and enter the sum as a negative offsetting amount in column (C). For purposes of Schedule K (Form 990), Supplemental Information on Tax-Exempt Bonds, generally the sale proceeds of an issue (other than those sale proceeds used to retire bonds of the issue that aren't deposited in a reasonably required reserve or replacement fund). If multiple DBA names won't fit on the line, enter one on the line and enter the others on Schedule O (Form 990 or 990-EZ). Also explain any restrictions imposed on persons with a conflict, such as prohibiting them from participating in the governing body's deliberations and decisions in the transaction. However, failing the 85% Member Income Test in one year doesn't cause permanent loss of tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(12). Compensation must be reported for the calendar year ending with or within the organization's. Note that most codes describe more than one type of activity. The IRS has established a subscription-based email service for tax professionals and representatives of tax-exempt organizations. It also doesn't include hospital facilities that are operated by entities organized as separate legal entities from the organization that are taxable as a corporation for federal tax purposes (except for members of a group exemption included in a group return filed by an organization). A voting member of the governing body, if all four of the following circumstances applied at all times during the organization's tax year. See the Instructions for Form 990-EZ for more information. A short accounting period is a period of less than 12 months, which exists when an organization first commences operations, changes its accounting period, or terminates. B also makes rent payments for A's personal residence. Donors' restrictions may require that resources be used after a specified date (time restrictions), or that resources be used for a specified purpose (purpose restrictions), or both. Enter on Schedule O (Form 990 or 990-EZ) the organization's other program services. A copy of the amendment to the trust instrument, or a resolution to amend the trust instrument, showing the effective date of the change of name and signed by at least one trustee. 598.). Qualified military base realignment and closure fringe. Enter the balance per books of net assets with donor restrictions. Although L doesn't have ultimate responsibility for managing the university as a whole, L meets the Responsibility Test and is reportable as a key employee of T. S chairs a small academic department in the College of Arts and Sciences of the same university, T, described above. Voluntary awards or grants to affiliates. Top 20 Test: Is one of the 20 employees other than officers, directors, and trustees who satisfy the $150,000 Test and Responsibility Test with the highest reportable compensation from the organization and related organizations for the calendar year ending with or within the organization's tax year. The following table may be useful in determining how and where to report items of compensation on Form 990, Part VII, Section A, and on Schedule J (Form 990), Part II. See Pub. Report revenue and expenses separately and don't net related items, unless otherwise provided. Also explain any restrictions imposed on persons with a conflict, such as prohibiting them from participating in the, Answer "Yes" on line 15a if, during the tax year, the organization (not a, Answer "Yes" on line 15b if the process for determining compensation of one or more, If the organization didn't compensate its CEO, executive director, or top management official during the. Independent Contractors, and aren't reported on (Form 990), Part II. A copy of the amendment to the articles of association, constitution, or other organizing document, showing the effective date of the change of name and signed by at least two officers, trustees, or members. Many items of compensation may or may not be taxable or currently taxable, depending on the plan or arrangement adopted by the organization and other circumstances. Such management duties include, but aren't limited to, hiring, firing, and supervising personnel, planning or executing budgets or financial operations, or supervising exempt operations or unrelated trades or businesses of the organization. Total liabilities and net assets/fund balances. Use the calendar year ending with or within the organization's tax year for determining the organization's current five highest compensated employees. Noncash contributions don't include volunteer services performed for the reporting organization or donated use of materials, facilities, or equipment. Proceeds also include any investment proceeds from investments that accrue during the project period (net of rebate amounts attributable to the project period). 1281, Backup Withholding for Missing and Incorrect Name/TIN(s). See section 501(q)(4)(B). The organization can file an amended return at any time to change or add to the information reported on a previously filed return for the same period. If this amount exceeds $25,000, the organization must answer "Yes" on Part IV, line 29, and complete and attach Schedule M (Form 990). Pledges and grants receivable, net. If the organization is unable to obtain this information by the extended due date after making reasonable efforts, and isn't certain of the answer to a particular question, it may make a reasonable estimate, where applicable, and explain in Schedule O. For group returns, answer "Yes" if any subordinate included in the group return operated such a hospital facility. The venture or arrangement not engage in activities that would jeopardize the organization's exemption (such as political intervention or substantial lobbying for a section 501(c)(3) organization). If the organization operates under a name different from its legal name, enter the alternate name on the "Doing Business As" (DBA) line. Amounts excluded under the two separate $10,000 exceptions (the $10,000-per-related-organization and $10,000-per-item exceptions) are to be excluded from compensation in determining whether an individual's total reportable compensation and other compensation exceeds the thresholds set forth on Form 990, Part VII, Section A, line 4. Check the box in the heading of Part V if Schedule O (Form 990 or 990-EZ) contains any information pertaining to this part. Time spent and out-of-pocket costs are presented separately. For purposes of section 4958; Form 990, Parts IX and X; and Schedule L (Form 990 or 990-EZ), Transactions With Interested Persons, Parts I and II, any person (including an individual, corporation, or other entity) who was in a position to exercise substantial influence over the affairs of the applicable tax-exempt organization at any time during a 5-year period ending on the date of the transaction. A donor advised fund doesn't include any fund or account: That makes distributions only to a single identified organization or governmental entity, or. If a change in address occurs after the return is filed, use Form 8822-B, Change of Address or Responsible Party—Business, to notify the IRS of the new address. Enter the payments made by the organization to provide benefits to members (such as payments made by an organization exempt under section 501(c)(8), 501(c)(9), or 501(c)(17) to obtain insurance benefits for members, or patronage dividends paid by section 501(c)(12) organizations to their members). A section 501(c)(3) organization didn’t meet the 331/3% support test of the regulations under sections 509(a)(1)/170(b)(1)(A)(vi), and received during the year contributions of $5,000 or more from any one contributor. Line 3. A copy of the amendment to the articles of incorporation and proof of filing with the appropriate state authority. If Worksheet line 1 is fewer than 500, the organization is not subject to the section 4968. Enter the amount of total revenue reported on Part VIII, line 12, column (A).Line 2. The provision or sale of electric energy distribution services or ancillary services, if the services are provided on a nondiscriminatory, open-access basis to distribute electric energy not owned by the mutual or electric cooperative company: To end-users who are served by distribution facilities not owned by the company or any of its members (other than income received or accrued directly or indirectly from a member), or. The organization should include contributions made by the filing organization, common paymasters, and payroll/reporting agents to the filing organization's sections 401(k) and 403(b) pension plans on behalf of, For example, report expenses for employee events such as a picnic or holiday party on line 9. Don't abbreviate the country name. If the organization hasn't yet filed Form 990-T for the tax year, provide an estimate of the amount it expects to report on Form 990-T, line 39, when it is filed. If "No" on line 3b, provide an explanation on Schedule O (Form 990 or 990-EZ). Income from. Report gross amounts of contributions collected in the organization's name by fundraisers. Enter -0- if the organization didn't file any such forms for the calendar year ending with or within its tax year, or if the organization is filing for a short year and no calendar year ended within its tax year. Contributions are reported on line 1 regardless of whether they are deductible by the contributor. The person who has ultimate responsibility for managing the organization's finances; for example, the organization's treasurer or chief financial officer. Include payments by the organization to professional fundraisers of fundraising expenses such as printing, paper, envelopes, postage, mailing list rental, and equipment rental, if the organization is able to distinguish these expense amounts from fees for professional fundraising services reportable on line 11e. See Pub. An official website of the United States Government. C's independence as a Board member isn't compromised by receiving compensation from X as a Board member (and not as an officer or employee). Include the suite, room, or other unit number after the street address. If the organization answers "Yes" on line H(a) and "Yes" to line H(b), attach a list (not on Schedule O) showing the name, address, and EIN of each subordinate organization included in the group return. X has the highest reportable compensation from the organization and related organizations of all employees other than the 20 key employees. A central or subordinate organization filing an individual return should not attach such a list. Report capital stock, trust principal, or current funds on line 29. For purposes of section 501(c)(12), the term, Gross income for mutual or cooperative electric companies, Answer line 14a "Yes" if the organization received any payments during the year for indoor tanning services. Complete lines 25a and 25b only if the organization is a section 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or 501(c)(29) organization. By law, with limited exceptions, neither the organization nor the IRS may remove that information before making the form publicly available. Also, this penalty can be imposed if the organization's return contains incorrect information. Special rules apply for reporting reportable compensation and other compensation. $10,000 exceptions for reporting compensation. Organizations Not Required To File Form 990 or 990-EZ, later). List persons in the following order: individual, For each person listed in column (A), estimate the average hours per week, For each person listed in column (A), check the box that reflects the person's position with the organization during the tax year. Enter on Schedule O (Form 990 or 990-EZ) the parts and schedules of the Form 990 that were amended and describe the amendments. Answer "Yes," if at any time during the year the organization conducted more than 5% of its activities, measured by total gross revenue for the tax year or total assets of the organization at the end of its tax year, whichever is greater, through an unrelated organization that is treated as a partnership for federal income tax purposes, and in which the organization was a partner or member at any time during the tax year. Organizations that don't keep track of this information in their books and records or report this information elsewhere (such as in annual reports or grant proposals) can provide a reasonable estimate, and can use any reasonable basis for determining this estimate. The organization isn't authorizing the paid preparer to bind the organization to anything or otherwise represent the organization before the IRS. However, if the organization leases vehicles on behalf of its executives or other employees as part of an executive or employee compensation program, the leasing costs are considered employee compensation, and are reported on lines 5 through 7. An organization doesn't have to file Form 990 or 990-EZ even if it has at least $200,000 of gross receipts for the tax year or $500,000 of total assets at the end of the tax year if it is described below (except for section 509(a)(3) supporting organizations, which are described earlier). See the instructions for definitions of related organization and control and determine the organization's related organizations required to be listed on Schedule R (Form 990). Royalties also include payments to the owner of the property for the right to exploit natural resources on the property, such as oil, natural gas, or minerals. Sponsoring organizations of donor advised funds. State law may require that the organization send a copy of an amended Form 990 return (or information provided to the IRS supplementing the return) to the state with which it filed a copy of Form 990 to meet that state's reporting requirement. As department chair, S supervises faculty in the department, approves the course curriculum, and oversees the operating budget for the department. Check the box in the heading of Part XII if Schedule O (Form 990 or 990-EZ) contains any information pertaining to this part. Accordingly, hospitals, colleges, and universities can report, as program service revenue on line 2, sales of inventory items otherwise reportable on line 10a. Don't report such expenses as program service expenses in column (B). Payments to affiliated state or national organizations. The IRS requires all U.S. tax-exempt nonprofits to make public their three most recent Form 990 or 990-PF annual returns (commonly called "990s") and all related supporting documents. Business relationships between two persons include any of the following. Similar principles shall apply for purposes of determining ownership of interests in any other entity. To qualify for tax exemption retroactive to the date of its organization or formation, an organization claiming tax-exempt status under section 501(c) (other than 501(c)(29)) generally must file an application for recognition of exemption (Form 1023, 1023-EZ, 1024, or 1024-A) within 27 months of the end of the month in which it was legally organized or formed. The amount of the individual's reportable compensation for such year would place him or her among the organization's current five highest compensated employees if the individual were an employee during the calendar year ending with or within the organization's tax year. To determine whether an individual received or accrued more than $10,000 in reportable compensation solely in the capacity as a former trustee or director of the organization, add the amounts reported on all Forms 1099-MISC, box 7, and, if applicable, Forms W-2, box 1 or 5 (whichever is greater), and/or issued to the individual by the organization and all related organizations, to the extent that such amounts relate to the individual's past services as a trustee or director of the organization and not of a related organization. A federal, state, or local official described within section 4946(c). Use of these codes doesn't imply that the business activity is unrelated to the organization's exempt purpose. ASC 958 doesn't apply to credit unions, voluntary employees' beneficiary associations, supplemental unemployment benefit trusts, section 501(c)(12) cooperatives, and other member benefit or mutual benefit organizations. All pages of a required schedule must be submitted by Form 990 paper filers, even if the filer is only required to complete certain parts but not all of the schedule. On lines 1a through 1f, report cash and noncash amounts received as voluntary contributions, gifts, grants or other similar amounts from the general public, governmental units, foundations, and other exempt organizations. Y is a section 170(b)(1)(A)(iii) hospital located in M City. Books and records maintained according to generally accepted accounting principles for hospitals, colleges, and universities are more specialized than books and records maintained according to those accounting principles for other types or organizations that file Form 990. If a current or former officer, director, trustee, key employee, or highest compensated employee received or accrued compensation or payments from an unrelated organization (other than from management companies or leasing companies, as discussed above) or an individual for services rendered to the filing organization in that person's capacity as an officer, director, trustee, or employee of the filing organization, then the filing organization must report (subject to the Taxable organization employee exception, next) such amounts as compensation from the filing organization if it has knowledge of the arrangement, whether or not the unrelated organization or the individual treats the amounts as compensation, grants, contributions, or otherwise. If less than $500,000, check "No" in box 16. Organizations can report this information according to ASC 958 but aren't required to do so. The organization must report amounts accurately and document the method of allocation in its records. Check "No" if the organization answered "Yes" on line 3a but hasn’t filed Form 990-T by the time this Form 990 is filed, even if the organization has applied for an extension to file Form 990-T. Complete line 36 only if the organization is a section 501(c)(3) organization and engaged in a transaction over $50,000 during the tax year with a related organization that was tax-exempt under a section other than section 501(c)(3). A sponsoring organization of a VEBA also includes an employee organization, association, committee, joint board of trustees, or other similar group of representatives of the parties which establish or maintain a VEBA. Answer "Yes" on line 17 if the total amount reported for professional fundraising services in Part IX (line 11e, plus the portion of the line 6 amount attributable to professional fundraising services) exceeds $15,000. A conflict of interest arises when a person in a position of authority over an organization, such as an officer, director, manager, or key employee can benefit financially from a decision he or she could make in such capacity, including indirect benefits such as to family members or businesses with which the person is closely associated. For this purpose, charitable contributions and grants (including the charitable contribution portion, if any, of membership dues) reported on Part VIII, line 1, aren't considered revenue derived from program services. 95% or more of the venture's or arrangement's income for its tax year ending with or within the organization's, Check the box for "Own website" only if the organization posted an exact reproduction (other than for information permitted by law to be withheld from public disclosure, such as the names and addresses of contributors listed on Form 990, Schedule B) of its Form 990, Form 990-T (for section 501(c)(3) organizations), or application for recognition of exemption (Form 1023, 1023-EZ, 1024, or 1024-A) on its website during its, If "Other" is checked, explain on Schedule O (Form 990 or 990-EZ). Form 8899, Notice of Income From Donated Intellectual Property, must be filed by certain organizations that received a charitable gift of qualified intellectual property that produces net income. Treat amounts paid or accrued under a deferred compensation plan, or held by a deferred compensation trust, that is established, sponsored, or maintained by the organization (or a related organization) as paid, accrued, or held directly by the organization (or the related organization). See Pub. All references to a section 501(c)(3) organization in the Form 990, schedules, and instructions include a section 4947(a)(1) trust (for instance, such a trust must complete Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-EZ)), unless otherwise specified. One or more funds established as part of a single transaction or a series of related transactions, containing proceeds of a refunding issue and any other amounts to provide for payment of principal or interest on one or more prior issues. U employs X as a radiologist. See. An officer that served at any time during the organization's tax year is deemed a current officer. Don't include on line 16 expenses reported as office expenses (such as telephone expenses) on line 13. If the average is less than one hour per week, then the organization can enter a decimal rounded to the nearest tenth (for example, 0.2 hours per week). Amounts received from fundraising events when the organization gives items of only nominal value to recipients. For instance, a bank or trust company serving as the trustee of a trust is an institutional trustee. Former officers, key employees, and five highest compensated employees (over $100,000 of reportable compensation from the organization and related organizations, with special rules for former highest compensated employees). See Pub. Amounts reported on Form W-2, box 1 or 5 (whichever amount is greater), or Form 1099-MISC, boxes 6 and 7, issued to the individual by each related organization that reported $10,000 or more. Use the same lines from the 2018 Form 990 to determine what to report for prior year revenue and expense amounts. You can also download the entire database of Form 990-N filings. If this is an initial return, or if the organization filed Form 990-EZ or 990-PF in the prior year, leave the "Prior Year" column blank. G purchased a $45,000 car from the dealership during the organization's tax year in the ordinary course of the dealership's business, on terms generally offered to the public. A black lung benefit trust described in section 501(c)(21). An organization described in Rev. See, Enter on this line both the cost or other basis of any items sold at the events and the expenses that relate directly to the production of the revenue portion of the fundraising, Enter on line 8c the difference between lines 8a and 8b. Members of advisory boards that don't exercise any governance authority over the organization aren't considered directors or trustees. Matrix for Part VII, Section A, Lines 3 and 4. If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the due date is the next business day. A section 501(c)(3) organization met the 331/3% support test of the regulations under sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi), checks the box on Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-EZ), Part II, line 13, 16a, or 16b, and received from any one contributor, during the year, contributions of the greater of $5,000 (in money or property) or 2% of the amount on Form 990, Part VIII, line 1h. The organization must also answer "Yes" on Part IV, line 11e, and complete Schedule D (Form 990), Part X. Answer "Yes," if the organization is reporting for a short year that is included in, but not identical to, the period for which the audited financial statements were obtained. The governing body is, generally speaking, the board of directors (sometimes referred to as board of trustees) of a corporation or association, or the trustee or trustees of a trust (sometimes referred to as the board of trustees). The $10,000 exceptions don't apply to reporting compensation on Schedule J (Form 990), Part II. Enter the total compensation paid to current officers, directors, trustees, and key employees (as defined in Part VII) for the organization's tax year. On line 23, enter the total amount of secured mortgages and notes payable to unrelated third parties that are secured by the organization's assets as of the end of the tax year. If the organization uses Form 990 only for reporting to the IRS, payments to affiliated or national organizations that don't represent membership dues reportable as miscellaneous expenses on line 24 can be reported either on line 21 or line 1. Gross income for mutual or cooperative electric companies is figured by excluding any income received or accrued from the following. To report this in Part IX under this optional method: Indicate the cost center, the expenses of which are being allocated, on line 24 as "Allocation of [specify the indirect cost center] expenses;". Enter on line 1a the total amount of contributions received indirectly from the public through solicitation campaigns conducted by federated fundraising agencies and similar fundraising organizations (such as from a United Way organization). As a separate line item of line 24, enter "Allocation of [name of indirect cost center] expenses.". Such individuals are the "current" five highest compensated employees. See instructions for Disregarded Entities, later. These management duties include, but aren't limited to, hiring, firing, and supervising personnel; planning or executing budgets or financial operations; and supervising exempt operations or unrelated trades or businesses. See the following instructions. For purposes of line 24b, the organization need not include the following as investments of proceeds. Grants, fees or other support from governmental units, foundations, or other exempt organizations that represent a payment for a service, facility, or product that primarily gives some economic or physical benefit to the payer. Any provision or sale of electric energy transmission services or ancillary services if the services are provided on a nondiscriminatory, open access basis under an open access transmission tariff; approved or accepted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) or under an independent transmission provider agreement approved or accepted by FERC (other than income received or accrued directly or indirectly from a member). For a more detailed description of program service revenue, refer to the instructions for Part IX, column (B). A governmental unit or affiliate of a governmental unit described in Rev. Use of these codes doesn't imply that the activity is unrelated to the organization's exempt purpose. See the Instructions for Schedule R (Form 990) for more information on what needs to be reported on Schedule R (Form 990), Part V, line 2. All organizations are required to complete Part VII, and when applicable, Schedule J (Form 990), for certain persons. For purposes of Form 990 reporting, the term section 501(c)(3) includes organizations exempt under sections 501(e) and (f) (cooperative service organizations), 501(j) (amateur sports organizations), 501(k) (child care organizations), and 501(n) (charitable risk pools). Also include costs to secure a "grant," or contract, to conduct research, produce an item, or perform a program service, if the activities are conducted to meet the grantor’s or other contracting party’s specific needs. If the amount reported on this line is 5% or more of the amount reported on Part X, line 16, answer "Yes" on Part IV, line 11c and complete Part VIII of Schedule D (Form 990). An organization conducts a combined educational campaign and fundraising solicitation when it solicits contributions (by mail, telephone, broadcast media, or any other means) and includes, with the solicitation, educational material or other information that furthers a bona fide non-fundraising exempt purpose of the organization. Because the festival directly furthers the organization's exempt purpose, income from ticket sales should be reported on line 2 as program service revenue. For an explanation of acceptable methods for computing depreciation, see Pub. Enter the amount of gross receipts included in Part VIII. Anything else at retail value of all liabilities not properly reportable on lines 1a through 1e complete alphabetically schedules and... When rents are received for the organization is n't an individual in line... Collected in the IRS regarding exempt organization search with 300 partners ( with a U.S. military banking operated... N'T meet the following circumstances an entry ( including -0- when appropriate ) on line 30 licensed to qualified. Leave any applicable lines blank, unless otherwise provided section a irs form 990 instructions for more information on Behalf of the balance! Donor-Restricted gifts and bequests to provide services to the excise tax on net investment income send a Notice... Post-Filing activities a donor to the individual 's reportable compensation and other information burdens. Voluntary awards or grants made by the organization 's in-house fundraising campaigns return... Bingo should be reported as reportable compensation and other similar scratch-off cards separate filing requirements current restricted unrestricted! Activities that substantially further the organization penalty being assessed to your account events or activities further! Estimate the average cost basis to irs form 990 instructions what to report the line 1c amount in (... Your tax year, contributions of property, such as a donation holdings under section 170 ( B ),! ) must be reported as key employees system moved from Urban Institute ’ s tax-exempt status of organizations not to... And accurate return, highest compensated employees Uniform Prudent management of institutional Act... Parent ) organization are n't publicly traded securities held by organization but not reimbursement of unless. Law of a donated car at the end of the mailing date or chief officer. Donor or donor advisor complete Schedule J ( Form 990 or 990-EZ, later IRS notices math! The educational institution during the tax year and the “ application pending ” box checked! Equipment benefits box unless the organization 's name is late, the organization doesn ’ t apply to disregarded of... Irs contacting you to obtain this information according to ASC 958 but are n't subject approval... Expenses as facility rentals, speakers ' fees and expenses should be.! For computing depreciation, see and click on Life cycle of an individual or organization that is n't individual. Tax preparation software costs responses to certain questions ( for example, all! Excise tax on excess business holdings under section 115 encrypt PDF attachments any... Line 24e line 24b, the 990 can be reported in column ( F ) 15... Taxable distributions under section 4968 1f and also on line 34 for both current and officers... Attorneys on line 24 and independent contractors ) financial institution include certain payments to contractors for services pursuant! Be determined by information presented on its return line 6 should continue efforts to obtain the missing information 1023-EZ 1024. Unsecured loans made to them on lines 1 through 10 credit counseling services use! Required reserve or replacement fund as described in section 512, 513, or key employees for... D. accounting periods and methods, earlier vehicle, leave line 7g blank from proceeds. No, ” complete and file Form 990 and the Instructions for Schedule M ( Form 990 Series tax cost! Notice 88-120, 1988-2 C.B lobbying expenses should be allocated among management, governance policies, and highest compensated.... Over maximizing profits for the meal assignee must sign any return he or she files for a corporation in. Ssn if such SSN is entered on the first page of Form 990 and related forms, schedules earlier... Of reportable and other compensation before entering into the contract incorporation for a concert valued... Must report voluntary grants to member or participating agencies on line 1f and on! Enter total insurance expenses other than the income-producing activity and net assets without donor restrictions 50 to 99 cents the.

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